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Learn How To Disable or Remove Visual Editor in WordPress Text Widgets

Did the new WordPress update broke your code in wordpress text widgets? Are you looking to remove / disable visual editor in wordpress text widgets? Now, there is a solution. The visual editor in WordPress provides a WYSIWYG interface for writing content. It offers a convenient way for beginners to write content in WordPress. However, many advanced users prefer to use the plain text editor.

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Google Changes the Layout of Avg. Monthly Searches in Adwords

Looks like Google made a change on how they display the average monthly searches per keyword in their Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Instead of giving you the exact average number of monthly searches they now give you a range. If you want more detailed information you actually have to set up a campaign: null It seems like unless you paying Google you will get less and less information from them moving forward. Continue Reading

How to Measure Your Online Success

The saying goes, “it’s impossible to manage what you can’t measure.” That is what keeps marketers and advertising agencies up at night, worrying whether their metrics are indeed reliable and if they actually validate the real value of their daily activities. Luckily, these hurdles are getting easier and easier to clear, thanks to the continuing innovations in software tools. The biggest challenge now lies in comprehending the data collected and translating it into good, profitable decisions. With online marketing, an entrepreneur or marketer can measure the performance of their marketing efforts.
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How To Get Into SEO – How To Start Your SEO Career

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing tool used in order to increase the use of non-paid search engine results. SEO has become increasingly popular within recent years as the internet has become the main source for finding information and services. There are several different ways to go about using SEO to improve a website’s ranking such as using keywords or phrases that search engines can easily identify which will ultimately drive traffic to a site. Today, most web traffic comes from popular search engines like Yahoo! and Google rather then through other online techniques like social media. Therefore, if a website is successful in using SEO to their advantage, large search engines are more likely to direct a targeted group of users to a site that is providing the service that they are in an exact search for. This brings more business to a website in general, whether they are offering a product, service, or some information to internet users by giving a website more publicity and exposure to a targeted group of consumers while also increasing a websites ranking in a search engine.

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How to index your website or page within minutes

After creating a new site or a new page on our website we always went to make sure our website or web page gets discovered by search engines. In order for search engines to discover your website or a new website page we have to make sure your website or a page gets indexed. There are many ways that you can get your website indexed, for example, you can submit sitemaps, you can do it through link building, you can use one of those “submit your website to 1000’s of search engines” services (that don’t really work by the way) and many other methods. However, most of those methods will take a minimum 2-3 days to get your site indexed. So, how can you index the website within few minutes? The answer is simple. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to achieve it.
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Social Media Metrics for Startups

The early stages in the entrepreneurial startup lifecycle are tenuous times for everyone. It’s all too easy for inexperienced entrepreneurs to try to rush their progress and move quickly toward angel funding or first-round investment before they are really ready. In reality, a more measured and gradual approach in the early stages has a greater likelihood of attracting capital than the rush to get in front of potential investors with a slide deck.

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Google Local SEO Results – Nothing But YELP and Yellow Pages

So you trying to rank locally on Google in top3? You can forget about it. One big trend we noticed after all this Google Updates that started an year ago, including recent Penguin 2.1 is that a lot of local results are now a complete garbage. If you looking to find anything local, you might as well skip Google and go straight to YELP or Yellowpages, because that’s what you’ll see anyways if you search for any local service on Google. It actually looks like YELP and Yellowpages just bought top spots, so no matter what local keyword you type in you’ll see YELP or Yellowpages in top3 spots. Continue Reading

On-Page SEO Check List

Think you ready to start off-page SEO? Think again

We see a lot of people jump into off-page SEO without doing proper on-page SEO. At the end, they usually don’t get the results that they expected. One thing that everyone should understand is that with proper on-site SEO it’ll take less time to rank the site on the first page. Before you jump into off-page SEO make sure to check the following:
  • Is your website indexed by Google?
  • Do you have proper 301 redirects from non-www. to www. version of your website or vise versa?
  • Did you make sure your title tags and meta descriptions optimized properly?
  • Do you have “search engine friendly” urls?
  • Is your content properly optimized?
  • Do all of your images contain alt and title tags?
  • Does your website contain any broken links or endless redirects?
  • Did you create sitemaps for your website and if so are they in proper format?
  • Does your website has high OBL (out bound links) rate?
Those are some of the main things you should check before starting your off-page campaign to ensure your website will perform up to your expectations. Continue Reading