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Why Choose Our SEO Company?


With over 8 years of experience in search engine optimization we are able to implement the latest strategies that provide results in the timely manner.


Because we are not a middle man we are able to offer our SEO services at a much lower prices than our competitors which results in better ROI for our customers.


All of our SEO customers get access to our custom SEO dashboard where they are able to track the progress and SEO rankings on the daily basis.

SEO Reseller Program

Marketing1on1 offers companies the ability to resell SEO packages under their own label. Reselling is an easy way to bring diversity to a business and create an additional revenue stream.

Why Choose OUR SEO Reseller Program?

  • Competitive Pricing = Better Profit Margin For You
  • We are U.S. based company with IN-HOUSE SEO & Marketing team
  • We optimized 100’s of websites delivering Top Rankings and we can prove it
  • We offer a wide range of Internet marketing services that are available for resell

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Just as the name suggests, this is the act of optimizing content for websites so that search engines will list them higher in search results. Search engines take into consideration various things when ordering results, such as frequency of relevant words used, proximity of each term to each other, context, and many other variables. Often times in an effort to optimize a website, it can actually be pushed further down the list due to what many companies consider “blackhat SEO techniques”. Most often this is characterized by long lists of words or tags that serve no purpose other than increasing the density of certain search terms on the website. By knowing exactly what search engines are looking for when ranking websites, optimizers can decide what each individual website needs in order to gain more visibility. With all that said, search engine optimization can be an arduous task for the uninitiated. That’s where Marketing1on1 steps in, with various long-term packages to ensure continued high rankings in search results.

Benefits of Reselling SEO through Marketing1on1

There are great advantages in choosing to resell SEO packages through Marketing1on1. Your company will receive all of the credit for work done for your clients by re-branding our service. Marketing1on1 works in the background to provide top of the line search engine optimization – the only work you need to do is find the customer. The fact is, if your company offers any other relevant service, your patrons are going to end up paying someone to optimize their website for search engines. Offering this extra service to your clients will put that money in the right pockets while also providing an extra layer of convenience to visitors of your website.

What we Offer with SEO Reseller Plans

seo resellerAs part of the reselling program, your clients will never know that we are working behind the scenes. We offer you complete control over the labeling of your services. We’ll do that work and send you the reports that you’ll be able to forward to your customers. We also offer assistance in closing deals with your customers to generate more revenue for both companies. Finally, communication is an important part of any venture – since we value our partners, all inquiries made will be responded to within 24 hours. On top of all of that, we also offer a 15% discount on all of our services for our SEO resellers!

What we Offer to Your Clients

Marketing1on1 is a well-established, reputable company. We employ only talented professionals with strong business and work ethics. Your clients will be supplied with real, significant results on time or ahead of time. Marketing1on1 also promises complete transparency in pricing and costs, as well as complete satisfaction with the results of optimization. Prices change based on the existing competition for the keywords on the client’s website. We maintain long-term business relationships with each client in order to ensure that their websites traffic rises and stays up.

How do I Become a Reseller?

If your interest has been piqued, becoming a reseller is easy! Just send us a message, and a Marketing1on1 representative will respond back to you within 24 hours. Search Engine Optimization is a hot topic for anyone with a website in this age. Drive more traffic to your site and keep more users coming back to your business by offering an extra layer of service. Becoming a reseller of Marketing1on1 SEO with a private label will keep your clients happy and create another steady path of income for your company.