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    Video SEO Optimization, Video SEO Marketing

    Why You Need Video SEO Services

    If you run a business, or are in charge of marketing one, you already understand the importance of search engine optimization. However, do you understand how this optimization works when you are incorporating video into your marketing mix? If not, you could be losing some great opportunities to attract more visitors to your own site.

    What is Video SEO?

    Video SEO involves a bit more consideration if you truly want it to make a difference in your search engine rankings. The goal here is to make sure that your videos are showing up in both video based search engines like YouTube, and the organic search engines like Google and Yahoo. Once the videos are showing up in these search engines, you also need to ensure that the traffic is actually being directed to your own site rather than the site that hosts your videos. Video SEO Optimization is used for several different purposes, including driving traffic to your site, creating more notoriety and a better impression of your brand, and creating links to your site. When all of these approaches are used together, you greatly increase your exposure and your sales.

    Video Rankings

    How your videos rank in the search engines is a major factor in ROI. This requires your videos to include not only the correct keywords, but also to attract visitors that are actually looking for whatever it is you are offering. Increasing these rankings means that the search engine will be able to find your video using the terms that people are most likely to search. Another important aspect of video SEO marketing is to ensure that the video landing page also includes other types of media. Even though video is one of the most popular ways of learning about things, there are also many people who prefer text-based information. When all of these types are available on the same page, your rankings will be higher, and traffic to your site will increase exponentially.

    Video Seo Hosting

    Where your videos are hosted plays a key role in the amount of traffic your site receives, as well as the costs associated with them. When videos are hosted on a site such as YouTube or Vimeo, the link will generally take the viewer to one of those sites, leaving you with an embedded link that you hope they will choose to click on after they have watched the video. When you host your own videos, you have to balance the bitrates with the amount you are allotting for bandwidth. If your video bitrate is not optimal, you could end up paying more out due to the cost of hosting them. You also need to ensure that the video is embedded properly. Video SEO optimization will make sure that your video is actually attracting people to your site, and that the video cannot be used on sites that you do not allow.

    Design and Length

    The overall design and length of the videos are also key components that video SEO services use to ensure that potential customers take the time to view your videos. If the design and feel of the video does not attract the eye, viewers are not likely to continue watching it. Additionally, if the video is too long, or does not have the right kind of content, viewers will not spend the time to watch it, or continue looking through your site. If you want to ensure that your SEO videos are tailored to attract more visitors, and rank higher in search engines, you need proper video SEO services to ensure the best ROI.


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