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Ranking Guide
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Ranking Guide

We understand that we offer a lot of different backlinks packages and link building services, so to make it easier on everyone, we are going to share SEO strategy for ranking a website within the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo using our services.

Here Are Some Examples Of Our SEO Results:

On-Page SEO and Keyword Research

First thing first, before you jump into link building make sure your keyword research and On-Page optimization is completed. Even though backlinks are the main factor in your search engine rankings having good On-Page optimization will help your website rank significantly faster. We suggest reading the following articles:

Some of the main On-Page SEO elements that you should ensure are taken care of on your website:
  • Make sure your website is not a one-page site.
  • Make sure your website has an appealing web design and good user experience
  • Make sure your website can be indexed (check robots.txt file, don’t use any cloaking, flash website builders etc.).
  • Identify targeted pages (Decide which page will target what keywords, for example, a “carpet cleaning” page would target only “carpet cleaning” keywords and “carpet installation” page would only target “carpet installation” keywords).
  • Make sure you have an actual content (text) of 300 words or more on your targeted pages that includes targeted keywords.
  • Make sure your Meta-Data (Title Tags & Meta Description) is optimized.
  • Check your URL structure: make sure your URLs are search engine friendly, are not dynamic (most dynamic urls are not indexable), not too long and don’t include any special characters.
  • Make sure your website is responsive (mobile friendly).
  • Make sure your website has a valid SSL certificate and proper HTTP to HTTPS 301 redirects
  • Make sure your website has 301 redirect from non-www. to www. (for example, should automatically redirect to or vice versa.
  • Make sure your website doesn’t have a manual penalty in Google Webmaster Tools.

Link Building

Now that your On-Page SEO is finished you can dive in into link building. One of the most important things you should know and understand in link building is how to properly use and create anchor-texts. We STRONGLY suggest reading our comprehensive anchor-text guide to better understand how search engines algorithms work when it comes to anchor-texts.

For this ranking guide we’ll use a brand new website (let’s call it to show you how to achieve first page rankings by using our services. Lets start:

Let’s say our main keyword for our website is “Los Angeles plumbers”. We always suggest having at least 10-15 keywords that are closely related to the main keyword that we can use for link building. In our example, our “secondary” keywords could be keywords like “Los Angeles plumbing company”, “Los Angeles plumber”, “Plumbers near Los Angeles”, “Plumbers in Los Angeles”, “Plumbing services in Los Angeles” etc.

Step 1: Profile Links and Directory Submissions

Since it’s a brand new website the 1st thing you should always do is build a “backlinks foundation”.
If you are a local business you should always start with local citations (local directories) and business profile build-out (create a Google My Business Page, facebook page, Instagram profile, company Linkedin etc.). Please note, for most local directories you HAVE to provide a full address, so if you are a “mobile” or an “online” business you might not get accepted into some of the directories. It’s also important to keep your NAP (name, address, phone number) the same across all of the platforms when building out your “business profile” links.
If you are an online business you should also start with “business profile” links (facebook page, instagram profile etc.).

Most of the “business profile” links will use URL (raw link) or Business Name as anchor-texts, which is exactly what we want for our link building foundation.

You can purchase local directory / citation build-out services from the following page:

Step 2: Generic with Keywords Anchor Texts

Once you got you ball rolling with “business profile” links we suggest purchasing one of our backlinks packages (Beginner, Standard, Top Package or Dominator) to further enhance your “foundation”. You can purchase them from the following page:

Why you should purchase those packages? To better understand an answer to the following question lets break down how we build out links in those packages. Besides the anchor-text another equally important element is backlinks sources and platforms (where the backlinks come from). It’s not a good practice to use only one type of platform / source for your link building. For example, don’t build links only through blog comments, always diversify by adding links from article directories, web 2.0 properties, guest posts etc.

If you look at our backlinks packages you’ll notice that we use a large variety of different sources for link building. Everything from profile links to video submissions to guest posts.

As mentioned before, anchor-text variations are very important when building out backlinks, so if your website is fairly knew and you don’t have an established backlinks profile we suggest mixing your “main” and “secondary” keywords with generic terms to use as anchor-texts. For example, instead of using the following anchor-texts:
“Los Angeles plumbing company”, “Los Angeles plumber”, “Plumbers near Los Angeles”, “Plumbers in Los Angeles”, “Plumbing services in Los Angeles”
We suggest using:
“Visit this website Los Angeles plumbing company”, “Try this Los Angeles plumber”, “Find more information about plumbers near Los Angeles”, “Learn about plumbers in Los Angeles”, “Contact our plumbing services in Los Angeles”
If your website already has an established backlinks profile, but your anchor text is over-optimized, you can also use the anchor text strategy above to dilute it.

IMPORTANT: If your website is brand new, we suggest providing 5 (or 10 depending on the package you purchased) generic texts with keywords and 5 main keywords, so the anchor texts you would use would be:
“Visit this website Los Angeles plumbing company”, “Try this Los Angeles plumber”, “Find more information about plumbers near Los Angeles”, “Learn about plumbers in Los Angeles”, “Contact our plumbing services in Los Angeles”, “Los Angeles Plumber”, “Los Angeles Plumbers”, “Plumbing Services in Los Angeles”, “Plumbing Company Los Angeles”.

Once your ordered package is completed (on average it takes 5-14 business days) you can move on to the next stage, building brand anchor texts.

Step 3: Building Our Brand Anchor Texts

About 60% of your backlinks profile should consist of brand and raw url anchor texts. The best way to build out brand anchor texts is through press releases, especially if it’s a new business or you have a promotional offer. With press releases, the article will be distributed to hundreds of media outlets which will provide you with high DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) backlinks.

Another good source to use when building out brand anchor text links is social bookmarking. For our social bookmarking services we utilize only the top200 sites like redit, stumbleupon etc. Anchor texts you would use for the following services would be:,, my plumbers.

Step 4: Keyword Anchor Texts

Now that we have our “foundation” and “brand anchor texts” in place we can build out backlinks using our keywords as anchor texts. The packages we suggest using for keyword anchor texts are guest posts and niche related dofollow blog comments. You can order guest posts and blog comments packages either one after another or together for a bigger boost in rankings.

To order guest posts:
To order blog comments:


Make sure to repeat the steps 2, 3 and 4 on the monthly basis. In order to improve and maintain rankings you need a constant supply of fresh links from different sources that include not only your keywords as anchor-texts, but also generic and brand terms.

You can also sign up for our SEO services where we’ll take care everything for you:

Please Note:

Building your website’s rankings and authority is a long-term process and depends on many factors:
  • on-page SEO
  • how quickly search engines count links to your website
  • what keywords you are targeting
  • how big the competition for those keywords etc.
Results are not instantaneous, however most of our customers see improvements after two – three weeks once all of the packages are completed.


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