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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

If you are looking to implement online marketing as part of your business marketing campaign, then the chances are you have heard of social media marketing. Social media marketing uses websites that are called social networking websites with the best examples being Facebook and Twitter in today’s social era. Many businesses have realized how these particular types of websites can be used to increase clientèle and more important increase sales and revenue.

So how do they do it?

Because of the large amount of people, businesses turn to the internet to market their products or services. The internet has billions of people from all over the world who use it daily to find the products and services they need. In terms of local businesses this can expand their targeted market from one single local community to the entire nation with a minimal effort. Social media has become a massive part of day to day life for billions of people across the world. In fact for some, it is the prime way of staying in touch with their friends and family. Social media is essentially the social playground that everybody have been waiting for. In terms of statistics, Facebook has around 900 million active users with other smaller social websites trailing behind this large figure. Gathering a targeted social audience is something that will always favor your business. The truth is that if you find people who are interested in the product and services you offer before you even speak to them, they are already potential clients.


Facebook has for some time been the largest social network on the internet; however with its recent IPO introducing Facebook stocks into the public it seems the website has received more interest than ever before. As previously mentioned Facebook connects over 900 million users world wide. So how can you use Facebook to optimize your social media campaign? Pages Facebook offers every business or any type of organisation to start a fan page. This is a page that you can use to describe your business, market yourself and try to attract targeted fans that use the Facebook social media network. The great part about having fans who are interested in your services or products is that you can reach all of them at once using status updates on the Facebook system. When you post a status update it will appear on all of your fans news feeds (at the top depending on the time and activity of their other friends) meaning you can directly shout out offers and promotions or market your standard products. If a Facebook user finds your page as they are searching for a product or service they can always become a fan and then share your page with their friends and family who might also be interested in what you have to offer. The beauty of Facebook is that the network offers so many ways to share the things you enjoy with your friends that it can be a very effective form of internet marketing.


Twitter, much like Facebook is one of the world’s current largest social networks. You could say it is a major competitor to Facebook however as both websites work differently they do have the ability to run side by side without causing much dispute. Instead of adding friends on Twitter people have the option to follow the people who they are interested in. Once you are following someone you will get status updates, picture updates and generally get more information about them and their online social activity. Once again this platform is open to businesses and when you get people following your company it provides you with a great opportunity to market your products and services Another great feature that Twitter offers is the hash tag. The hash tag functions allows you to add a #{word} tag to the end of your post on both personal and business level. When users search for phrases relevant to that hash tag there is a chance they will find your post, meaning you can get extremely targeted followers from search results.

What do all social media platforms have in common and how can they help your business?

Almost any type of internet marketing has a few similar goals; Traffic, Sales and more importantly, profit. For some, having targeted fans, followers or even general visitors to their social media pages is just another form of traffic which could potentially turn into a sale or subscription. The truth is that social media is a great way to flood out news, promotional offers and general information to those interested in your products or services without it being classified as spam. Making sales is all about having the right leads or targeted potential clients that are already interested in the area of your business. If someone decided to like or become a fan of your Facebook page or follow your Twitter this is a great way to find potential clients with minimal efforts on your side.

Social media marketing – The next big thing

Some marketers are already saying that social media is the “next big thing” in the marketing and advertising industry. With millions of people using and joining social media networks every day it seems that this huge environment is simply too good to miss out on. Promoters and businesses from all over the world have already implemented social media marketing as part of their strategy and seen a huge number of potential clients voluntarily follow to become active as part of their social media pages or profiles. As experience users of social media we offer quality social media marketing services to those who do not have experience themselves. We have years of experience implementing social media as part of marketing campaigns and we take pride in providing the high level of service that our past customers have enjoyed.
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