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On-Page SEO Check List

Think you ready to start off-page SEO? Think again

We see a lot of people jump into off-page SEO without doing proper on-page SEO. At the end, they usually don’t get the results that they expected. One thing that everyone should understand is that with proper on-site SEO it’ll take less time to rank the site on the first page. Before you jump into off-page SEO make sure to check the following:
  • Is your website indexed by Google?
  • Do you have proper 301 redirects from non-www. to www. version of your website or vise versa?
  • Did you make sure your title tags and meta descriptions optimized properly?
  • Do you have “search engine friendly” urls?
  • Is your content properly optimized?
  • Do all of your images contain alt and title tags?
  • Does your website contain any broken links or endless redirects?
  • Did you create sitemaps for your website and if so are they in proper format?
  • Does your website has high OBL (out bound links) rate?
Those are some of the main things you should check before starting your off-page campaign to ensure your website will perform up to your expectations. Continue Reading

Google Panda Update and New Penguin Generation Expected Soon

Within days, you should expect search engine giant Google to release a fresh update of the Panda. This was announced by Matt Cutts, Google’s Distinguished Engineer. Google, he further said, is also working to introduce revisions to the Penguin algorithm. The first release of Panda, which introduced changes to Google’s algorithm, was made in February 2011. Panda was designed to improve the overall content and services found when Internet users search for something online. It works by penalizing websites practicing keyword stuffing and using low quality content that are not unique and informative. The changes in algorithm gave websites with high quality content greater chances at getting higher ranking. Continue Reading

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a Good Investment?

seoAs the owner of an online business, you need to form a solid base of clients as soon as possible, and, for this, your site must be listed as high as possible in SERPs. According to many internet marketing gurus, applying the right search engine optimization techniques can do that for you, but, financially speaking, is SEO a profitable investment? On one hand, in order to get to the first positions in SERPs, your site must offer original, informative and relevant information, to be a valuable addition to its niche. Unfortunately, due to the amount of information available and to the efforts other site owners make to promote their own businesses, your content must be also published on a regular basis with some rules to follow regarding the use of the keywords you targeting. Continue Reading