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Penguin Update – Do’s and Don’ts

Over recent years Google has stunned and shocked webmasters around the world by releasing algorithm updates that change the way websites are ranked. The latest of these changes, following hot on the heels of the Panda update, has been Google Penguin.

The Google Penguin update was released on April 24, 2012 and had the express aim targeting black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, article spinning and other shady strategies used by Internet Marketers across the World.

In order to still rank your website successfully for the keywords you want to rank for, you need to adapt your SEO strategy so that it is more inline with what Google is looking for following Penguin.

In this article we are going to look at the various Do’s and Don’ts of Google Penguin so that you can have a good strategy to go out into the world of Search Engine Optimization. We will also look at the other updates that are likely to come about as the Google Penguin algorithm is continually updated.

Social Bookmark SEO – What You Need to Know about Bookmarking and Search Engine Optimization

Social bookmarks are used in order to identify online resources that were stored, organized and managed by online users, so, if your goal is to buy social bookmarks, you need to be certain that you understand what they are all bookmarking

Most of the online management services providing bookmarks started to operate back in 1996. After the term “social bookmarking” along with the term of “tagging”, were established by a popular site in the field, set up in 2003, the domain developed even further.

The social bookmarking system was conceived for those who wish to save certain websites links in order to use them later or share them. Bookmarks are generally public, but they can also be saved privately and shared only with certain groups or within specific domains, private or public.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important in any Business

If you are new in Internet marketing and you would like to set up your own business website, company website or personal website, you will be flooded with a million and one things that you must and must not do. But considered the most important part of any business site or company website is making sure that you use SEO techniques or search engine optimization techniques.
Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing (to name only a few) are what customers use to search for any kind of information on the web. Think of search engines as a newspaper ad, the bigger and the more strategically located your ad is the more likely customers will find you. What most website owners and business owners are aiming for is page 1 and preferably rank 1 of search engine pages. SEO techniques will lead your website to the top of the search page list and with this strategic position; you will surely gain more advantage over your competitors and get more traffic to your site.

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