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How To Use Google Freshness Factor To Improve Your SEO Rankings

How To Use Google Freshness Factor To Improve Your SEO Rankings

Would you be surprised if you found out that there is one thing that you can do to completely change the game on your website or blog? With this simple, yet massively effective change, you could do the following:

  • Improve your google search engine rankings quickly
  • Improve the rate in which people click through to your website
  • Improve overall engagement on your site

The awesome thing about this is that you literally don’t have to pay a penny to make this change. It can be done in less than 30 minutes and you will begin to see results pretty fast. The interesting thing is that, you don’t have to purchase a special course to experience the benefits of this technique, you just have to implement the steps.

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How To Use Silo Site Structure To Outrank High Authority Sites

Silo Site Structure

High authority sites have a head start that smaller websites will perhaps never attain. Websites that are considered to be authoritative in a niche will always be ranked higher by search engines. They will almost always feature on the first page when relevant keywords are searched. Smaller websites in the same niche often target the same keywords and they can at best try to get ranked right after the high authority sites. However, smaller websites do not have to fight the same war. There are ways to outrank high authority sites.

If there is anything that search engines give as much importance to as authority, then it is relevance. Search engines are constantly trying to find the most relevant results for every keyword and hence smaller websites need to score well on relevance. Search engines are continuously improving their algorithms to find more relevant content. The websites with such content will not make the high authority sites insignificant but they will attain a much better rank. There are two ways to improve the relevance of a website. The first method is focusing on a niche wherein the contents target a small set of keywords. The second method is silo site structure.

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How to Rank Your Amazon Product Listing on Google

How to Rank Amazon Product Listing

Amazon is the largest global marketplace. The ecommerce giant is also one of the most important search engines in the world. Google is inarguably the largest search engine right now. Companies selling their products on Amazon also have a search engine optimization strategy for Google. However, the strategy may not be specifically for a particular product. The optimization is of the website as a whole. This is fine as one does need to rank their website higher to get more traffic. More traffic to the website will also naturally generate more traction for the products listed on Amazon. The website can have links to the product pages on Amazon. In addition to such measures, a company should try to get the Amazon product listing on Google.

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Comprehensive Step by Step Guide to Keyword Research

keyword research guide

Keywords are the bedrock of search engine optimization. Keyword research is thus a quintessential exercise. There are different ways to find the keywords relevant for your industry, business, products or services. You must also consider the target audience and the platforms you are using to reach out to them during the research. There is a traditional or old school method of keyword research. This process can be broken down into four phases. The following approach can help you find high search volume with low competition keywords and long-tail keywords.

Four Steps of Keyword Research

The four steps of traditional keyword research are finding seed keywords, plugging seed keywords, filtering keyword opportunities and evaluating competitiveness. These steps should get you the keyword you can target with all your contents for effective search engine optimization. The keywords you zero in on should be used for your official website content, marketing articles and other materials you will use to promote your business online.

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How To Boost Your Rankings With Internal Linking

How To Boost Your Rankings With Internal Linking

Internal linking is just as important as external links. Most webmasters, content developers and marketers prioritize link building but the focus is often on backlinks and external link wheels. There should be equal focus on internal linking as it can boost the optimization of the website and improve its ranking. Internal linking is a complex process so it is imperative for webmasters to be proactive with the site architecture to avert a crisis.

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