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How To Do Keyword Research and Analysis

With the internet being such a big part of the world, it makes sense that it has become the biggest source for marketing a business and gathering information. Doing proper keyword research and analysis can make a huge difference on your website rankings, click through rate and potentially increase your sales.

First, we will explain what a keyword is. A keyword is a word or even a combination of words, used to identify what you are researching. Example: A mom is wanting to know more about homeschooling her teenager. She can simply go to any search engine and type in keywords like Homeschool or homeschool curriculum and find multiple websites related to this topic. Now if you are a person or business trying to market your product or service you want your website to pop up for those looking for your product or service. You want every opportunity to reach potential customers or even other businesses. Using the right keywords when optimizing your website could make the difference in whether you gain or lose a customer.

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Discover the Pros and Cons of The Latest Black Hat SEO Techniques

Some online entrepreneurs break the rules (or bend them) in order to get better search engine rankings. They use “black hat” SEO strategies in order to rank strongly for their preferred keywords. Black hat SEO techniques typically don’t fit search engine guidelines! If you’re interested in breaking or bending the rules, too, you’ll benefit from understanding the advantages and risks of the latest black hat SEO techniques.

These techniques are made to get the most from search engines. The SEO processes that we’re going to discuss today aren’t designed to appeal to a human audience.

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Google Changes the Layout of Avg. Monthly Searches in Adwords

Looks like Google made a change on how they display the average monthly searches per keyword in their Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Instead of giving you the exact average number of monthly searches they now give you a range. If you want more detailed information you actually have to set up a campaign: null It seems like unless you paying Google you will get less and less information from them moving forward. Continue Reading