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How To Use Google Freshness Factor To Improve Your SEO Rankings

How To Use Google Freshness Factor To Improve Your SEO Rankings

How To Use Google Freshness Factor To Improve Your SEO Rankings

Would you be surprised if you found out that there is one thing that you can do to completely change the game on your website or blog? With this simple, yet massively effective change, you could do the following:

  • Improve your google search engine rankings quickly
  • Improve the rate in which people click through to your website
  • Improve overall engagement on your site

The awesome thing about this is that you literally don’t have to pay a penny to make this change. It can be done in less than 30 minutes and you will begin to see results pretty fast. The interesting thing is that, you don’t have to purchase a special course to experience the benefits of this technique, you just have to implement the steps.

Fresh Content Gets Priority

Did you know that Google prioritizes fresh content over old content? If you are reading this, you might already have a website with lots of high quality content on there, some of it would have been published years ago with no updates or new perspectives added. It is no secret that high quality evergreen content can provide long lasting results however, at some point it would become necessary to change things up a bit.

Google Favors Fresh Content

Because Google favors fresh content you should do an extensive content audit where you comb through your content and identify things that you could update. This is a long and arduous process but it is worth it. Trust me when I say, it is worth it.

One thing that could prevent your content from decaying is constant and consistent supply of high quality backlinks.

One thing you should consider when updating your content is that the publication date could cause problems. If the post is still showing the old publication date, Google and users might still see it as old content.

What would happen if you only presented the recent publication date to Google instead of the older publication date? If you have a WordPress website it’s very easy to do. To facilitate this process, we suggest installing a plugin called “WP Last Modified Info” for wordpress. Once you install this plugin it will display your “updated” date on your pages and posts and also add a proper schema markup.

When you update your content, consider changing the introduction, remove links that no longer work and replace them with new ones if you can. You might need to change dates within the text and possibly information that pertains to technological advances if your content is about tech or something else relating to tech.

The beauty of this is that from now on, whenever you decide to freshen up your content, it will always show the last modified date within the site and in the search engine page results.

Some users have reported some amazing results such as 30 percent increase in their click through rate, and SEO ranking improvements for their targeted keywords. Give it a try, it might not happen overnight, but you should see some great results over time.

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