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Backpage Alternatives Websites To Advertise and Post Your Ads

List of Backpage Alternatives Websites To Advertise and Post Your Ads To

backpage alternative websites

Backpage was an ad placement site that was popularly used by various users, from sellers to employers, to event managers who announced upcoming shows or event dates. People in need of jobs, mobile phones, gaming consoles, or vehicles visited the page constantly for updated ads. Those looking to attend some shows and exhibits also frequented the website. Backpage was a site frequented by so many users.

Things started going downhill when Backpage increased its placements for dating ads. When the focus shifted, so did the reputation. It started becoming more and more known for adult ads.

Department of Justice seized Backpage sometime in April 2018. Further, all of its affiliate sites were permanently seized online as well.

It was certainly bad news for legit users and ad placers who had to solve the dilemma of finding alternative Backpage websites to sell their business and commercial items or to look for commodities and jobs. This article provides information on Backpage alternatives you can try today. Read on to know more.


A veteran in the world of classified advertising, Craigslist has been operating from 1995. It is a top American company that dominates the ad placement market. Craig Newmark is the founder and the headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

55 million visitors flock monthly and you can find thousands and thousands of items for sale or services for hire. Free ad placements are available so a lot of users prefer this website. If you want some premium services or features, you can avail of a fee-based service.
Craigslist serves more than 100 countries so you can find a global population listing products, services, and job opportunities. It’s not hard to contact companies you are interested in. You can communicate directly, eliminating any need for a middleman or agent.
With a mobile app now available for users, accessing Craigslist is even easier and faster. It definitely ranks as a top Backpage replacement site today.


Based in Britain, Gumtree is an ads placement website that commenced services in March 2000. It initially was where Brits would flock to find or sell their products and services. Now, Gumtree is famous in other countries as well, including Africa and Australia. The ads are free or paid. Ad placers can make their choice. You can also find and access GumTree on iOS and Android.


This is another Backpage alternative. OLX is a similar platform that lets users buy or sell products. Users can also add multiple product images for more information. Users comment on the ease of use, image uploads, and product searches; so more and more people are finding OLX a favorite ad placement website.

The company has been operating since 2006. More than 45 countries use the platform. It’s a place where buyers and sellers across far countries connect to transact on different products. The categories are broad. You can sell household items, vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and more.


This is another alternative to Backpage. There are a lot of categories for ad posting. You can buy and sell almost anything on this site. Place classified advertisements for jobs, events, cars, properties, furniture, and personals. Yes, in some regions, Locanto is a popular matrimonial site that gets people together for dating and even marriage. Additionally, Locanto has a blog section where you can read up on a variety of topics.

An estimate of 60 countries can access Locanto. The active user population runs up to millions. Locanto is indeed becoming more and more popular by the day. It is on its way to becoming 1 of the largest classified ads platforms on the Net. It is interesting to note that user privacy is strongly guaranteed. Germany privacy laws uphold this right.

Classified Ads

This Backpage alternative offers free ad placements. The platform hosts ads for a number of services. Users can easily create and post job placements, real estate offerings, vehicle ads, and more. Browse through products and services across different countries.
Spam and scam guard and filters are strict. Privacy and security are strongly protected.

ClassifiedAds is a fairly recent startup. It is based in Washington with over 3 million visitors. Users notice and praise the neatness and simplicity of its interface. This is why this newbie is already attracting a big part of the user population on a global scale. It is fast becoming a major competitor in the field of online advertising.


If you’re looking for a Backpage replacemet site for dating purposes, Pernals may be the site for you. Users know it as a clean site for connecting with friends and future partners. Criaglist Personal was a former alternative that was shut down after the passing of “Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” at the U.S Senate.

At Pernals, users must create an account before they can access and post on the site. People register a nickname, email account, and their password. After that registration and verification, they can create their personal ad. Expect your post to be ready for viewing after the site admin approves it.

Although Pernals is similar to other dating apps, users can maintain some level of privacy.


This classified advertising platform is becoming more and more popular for the personals. The site features various sub-categories like Dating, Women Seeking Men, Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Women, Men Seeking Men, Casual Encounters, and more.

This Backpage alternative is praised for the way it helps guard user privacy. Users also like it for better targeting of relevant individuals you are interested in. The chance of response is also higher compared with other personals sites.

Oodle uses a clean and attractive interface. Users can access features with ease. Developers are constantly at work to improve performance, security, and privacy.


This popular classified advertising site has been operating since 1999. There are various categories and you can search for products and services worldwide. However, most of the placements are based in the US.

Interestingly, Geebo is one of those companies that made the shift from paper advertisements to Internet advertisements. The company impressed ad placers with how Internet advertising can provide so many more features and benefits for them.

As far as categories go, there are so many. You can post ads for housing, cars, real estate, farm equipment, building equipment, and a lot more. The design and interface are straightforward so there’re not much complications. You can set your preferred sections.
Today, Geebo is known for its diligence in making continuous improvements in the overall function of the site. User security and privacy features are constantly being improved. The admin exercises care in filtering spam and socially unacceptable adverts.


If you still want more Backpage alternatives, you can look into Kijiji, Bedpage, Tryst, and Wall Classifieds. With many of these offering free adverts, you can just try each one out and see how the usage and features appeal to you. In the end, of course, settle with what’s most comfortable and safe for you to regularly maintain and transact on.

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