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How to Rank Your Amazon Product Listing on Google

How to Rank Your Amazon Product Listing on Google

How to Rank Your Amazon Product Listing on Google

How to Rank Amazon Product Listing

Amazon is the largest global marketplace. The ecommerce giant is also one of the most important search engines in the world. Google is inarguably the largest search engine right now. Companies selling their products on Amazon also have a search engine optimization strategy for Google. However, the strategy may not be specifically for a particular product. The optimization is of the website as a whole. This is fine as one does need to rank their website higher to get more traffic. More traffic to the website will also naturally generate more traction for the products listed on Amazon. The website can have links to the product pages on Amazon. In addition to such measures, a company should try to get the Amazon product listing on Google.

You have definitely come across ecommerce links on the first page of search engine results on Google when you look for specific products. Some of these are sponsored and others are a result of Google listing them due to their relevance and popularity. Google is constantly trying to return the most relevant and popular search results for their users. Amazon also does the same. It prioritizes bestsellers and they get featured on the first pages of product listings. Amazon also provides prompts, just as Google, for users to easily find what they are looking for. These prompts are based on popularity of searched phrases or keywords.

Ideally, you should target both these giant search engines with the sole objective of selling more products. You can get your Amazon product listing to rank high enough on Google so the latter displays your link on the first page when relevant keywords are searched. Here is how you should achieve this.

Focus on optimizing your Amazon product listing. Do not start with Google for the specific product webpage on Amazon. Your product listing should be popular on Amazon first for Google to notice, not the other way around. Amazon optimizes its listings on the basis of conversion rate. How many people check out your product listing matters but more important is how many of those potential customers end up buying. Hence, you must have a content marketing strategy that increases the conversion rate on Amazon. As you sell more, your product will have a better ranking in the category and Amazon will start listing it ahead of others. This will be noted by Google.

You should have a link in your Amazon product listing that redirects users to an indexed site. This could be your official website that is already indexed and ranked by Google. You may link to an authority site. The purpose of linking the Amazon product listing to an indexed authority site is to make the relevance obvious. You should also add the link to the Amazon product webpage to your official website. Both these pages get interlinked and the crawlers of Google take note of this connection. It leads to better indexing and appropriate correlation.

You must have links to your Amazon product listing on other platforms. These should not be affiliate networks or just spam links. You need authority links. Review websites are a great platform for such links. User generated links are also useful. The purpose of having more of these links is to spread the word and have a web of influence so more people come across the access points to the Amazon product listing. This increases traffic and also contributes to a higher conversion rate. Both are essential to get an Amazon product listing rank on Google.

Amazon does not list its products the way Google indexes its pages. You must have noticed that the title descriptions of Amazon are longer than those on Google. Amazon auto generates the title using the information you provide. These descriptions can be longer than a hundred characters. Google likes descriptions or titles that are shorter than seventy characters. The preference for mobile interfaces is around seventy eight characters. If you are opting for a long title, then the description on Amazon will be longer. This will lead to a problem. Keep the title short. Provide more details about your product in the description of the product webpage on Amazon.

Google also prefers shorter meta descriptions. A long meta description will get truncated and enough information may not be available to the target audience. Just as you should truncate the title or its description, the metadata should also be reviewed to be as concise as possible. These are crucial elements that influence the rank of Amazon product listing on Google.

Finally, always compare your product listings with similar Amazon pages that are now ranked on Google. Assess what they have done right and where you have gone wrong. You should incorporate the best practices. You can easily identify the errors you have made if you closely study your competition.

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