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What Video Platforms in Addition to YouTube Are Available for Use in Internet Marketing?

What Video Platforms in Addition to YouTube Are Available for Use in Internet Marketing?

What Video Platforms in Addition to YouTube Are Available for Use in Internet Marketing?

Videos have become an essential part of the world of social media marketing, especially for mobile. In fact, video ads tend to be the highest performing type of ads out there.
YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, with millions of potential clients that you can reach. But what if you want to reach a wider audience and spread the word about your business out there?
Well, in this article we’ll cover the best video platforms that you can use for internet marketing.

1. Twitch
Twitch is one of the fastest-growing video platforms in the world. It is a live streaming platform that is very popular with gamers. According to statistics, people watched 1 trillion minutes of video content on twitch in 2020 only. This gives us a hint at how massive this platform is.

The company has been acquired by Amazon due to its huge success. It is free for everyone just like YouTube, which makes it a great platform to place your ads.
So, if you are promoting a new game or a product that gamers would like, Twitch is the right platform to place your ad.

2. Dailymotion
Dailymotion is one of the best and most popular YouTube alternatives. They have around 300 million active users worldwide with an average of 3.5 billion videos played monthly.
This platform has great features that made them where they are right now. For instance, they support several audio and video file formats so that the user can upload any type of video that they have. They also support full HD videos, which is essential in today’s world.
So, if you want to reach a wider audience outside of the US, and especially France, Dailymotion should be your go-to video platform.

3. Vimeo
Vimeo is a video platform that is most popular among artists and people who crave artistic videos. It is a U.S. user base of around 45 million users and 170 million globally.
The platform looks like an interactive gallery that hosts curated videos. A lot of creative minds love to go there and publish their work to the world to watch. For professional accounts, you can upload 4K resolution videos, which is what people want to see these days.
Hence, if you have a creative video that you need to promote, Vimeo is the right place to publish your work. The right audience will be waiting for you.

4. Flicker
Flicker is mainly a photo-sharing platform, but it needs to be considered in this list since it has a very active user base. They have an active user base of around 125 million users from all around the world with millions of photos shared weekly if not daily.
They allow you to upload 3-minute videos, so they are great for short ads that have the potential to be viewed by a lot of people.

5. Metacafe
Metacafe is another growing alternative to YouTube. It has around 15 million monthly viewers from the US and a total of 40 million monthly viewers from all around the world.
It is specialized in short entertaining clips, such as pet videos, pranks, juggling tricks, vehicle breakdowns, etc. They have an easy and user-friendly layout that allows you to create and share videos easily.
The website is completely free of charge and allows you to upload unlimited videos. It is a good opportunity for you to advertise your brand there, especially if it is related to entertainment, electronics, food, automobility fields, etc.

Final Thoughts
Social media marketing is critical for your brand or business to grow. Even though YouTube is the largest video platform in the world, there are many other great video platforms as well.
Each of the platforms mentioned in this article has its own niche. So, choose wisely where you are going to place your ad.

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