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What Is WSO in Internet Marketing?

What Is WSO in Internet Marketing?

What Is WSO in Internet Marketing?

What Is WSO in Internet Marketing?

WSO (Warrior Special Offer) is part of the Warrior Forum. The WSO section of the site is an online internet platform aimed at internet marketers, where sellers can advertise threads to their products for buyers to find. However, there must be something special about their product. For example; a cheaper price than the buyer would find on other platforms.

This is one of the most popular SEO forums as it is free to sign up for membership. After this, members are given access to useful features for promoting their websites. Joining the War Room is also very affordable, coming at a price of $37 for unlimited lifetime usage. After this you will be able to ask questions to learn about internet marketing and the required tools.

The website also offers popular keywords that are commonly used by sellers on WSO such as; WordPress, PLR, and software.

How to the access the forum and what to expect.

This forum is designed as a place for internet marketers to make money. The concept behind is it is that the seller needs to provide unique content to the buyer. To access the forum, you simply need to make an account. The account is attached to PayPal, where all your transactions will be handled.

WSO has rules and regulations that all sellers must abide by. Products will be rejected if they are not suitable for the forum. As well as this, products that do not sell will be removed from the site after 365 days to make sure the content remains fresh.

WSO titles should clearly – and only – tell the buyer what WSO product they are buying. For example ‘(80+ videos) – How I ranked no.1 on Google and Google Drive’. It is not permitted for titles to promise after-effects for the purchase. For example; SEO results, traffic guarantees or promised income amounts.


You should never purchase a product without asking questions first. Though offers may seem desirable, you should always be a smart buyer. At times, sellers can be unreliable and titles can be misleading; products don’t always deliver what they are advertised to.

Buyers should carefully look for good standard products at good prices. Some also come with a money-back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied. Unfortunately, at the present time the forum does not have an audit on the offers. This means that there can be low-quality offers mixed in with high-quality offers.

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