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Top Websites to Use for Link Sharing and Link Posting

Top Websites to Use for Link Sharing and Link Posting

Top Websites to Use for Link Sharing and Link Posting

Discover the top websites to use for link sharing and link posting. Learn why these sites for social sharing and link publishing can significantly influence the performance of your content marketing.


Facebook has a large audience, but its algorithm has recently altered, making it more challenging to attract new users organically. However, because it’s a free network, Facebook should be included in your social sharing plan alongside platforms like Twitter.


Twitter is considered a popular social media platform for sharing a variety of material. As part of your business’s social media strategy, you may interact with your followers as well as influencers. You can build a sizable audience of individuals who enjoy your work if you do it well. Twitter provides two advantages. First and foremost, you want to boost your number of visitors from social media. Second, ask some of your followers to include a link to it on their own website.


LinkedIn has been considered the most effective medium for sharing and distributing material to a B2B audience for a long time. LinkedIn is fantastic for professionals to gain feedback and engagement from other experts in their field. One should take note that there’s a better chance of getting links from people who require your expertise.


Reddit is a significant content aggregator that is tough to control. The challenge arises from the fact that users create the majority of it. As a result, promoting your own material might be challenging, but it’s worth it in the end due to a large number of active users.


Pinterest is one of the most well-known “social bookmarking sites.” People “pin” things that they enjoy on their boards. It allows people to return to it later and share items of interest to them with others. Pinterest is beneficial for picture sharing and is one of the most outstanding image SEO tools available.


Tumblr is considered a social networking site that lets users build their own multimedia mini-blog entries based on any information they wish to share. You may also produce your own stuff to publish, such as an article, a blog post, or graphic content, which you can upload to your Tumblr.


Scribd is a free document-based link-sharing site to share your articles, blog posts, and other text-based information. Scribd can also convert your articles to PDF documents and vice versa, allowing them to be incorporated on other websites for backlinking purposes.


Flickr is a photo-sharing website where users may share their photographs and high-resolution images with the rest of the world. You may use Flickr to gain traffic and backlinks if you take your own custom pictures or snap your photos yourself for your content.


Digg is another popular bookmarking site that allows users to personalize their information feeds. They may search for information on various topics and store it for later. They may also curate the information they uncover to make it simpler to find more of what they’re looking for.


Mix, another well-known social bookmarking service, is known for being incredibly user-friendly. It works similarly to Pinterest in that it allows you to share material and bookmarks with others. Creating a network of individuals who spontaneously share your work may be aided by having high-quality material and establishing a following.


Delicious is a very ordinary promotion site where you may share the information you’ve created in order to increase its visibility. It is not as well-known as the larger platforms described above, but it is significant and useful enough to factor into your approach.


Dribble may be thought of as a social bookmarking network for designers. It is one of the most significant places to gain backlinks and shares if your company is in the creative field or produces high-quality graphic material. You could also be able to collaborate on projects with other designers.


Pocket is a website and mobile app that allows users to “pocket” anything they encounter on the internet or in apps they enjoy. Pocket’s selling point is that you can access it entirely offline once you bookmark anything. These additional capabilities make it popular among tech-savvy individuals, which is something to consider while posting information on the site.


Folkd is a social bookmarking platform with a powerful search engine. Folkd displays results based on bookmarks rather than a sophisticated algorithm, unlike other search engines. The more often a piece of material is saved, the more likely it will show up in a search.


BizSugar is a social bookmarking service dedicated to small companies, start-ups, and marketing-related information. It’s ideal for distributing material in that sector in order to expand your brand and build trust among highly professional business owners. Other people of the community with whom you engage may also provide possibilities for outreach.


Fark is a social news-sharing service that relies on manual input content providers. To help maintain a high-quality standard, they select which material to present. If you can get high-quality content accepted, that focus on quality might be a badge of distinction.

We Heart It

In terms of social sharing platforms, We Heart It is similar to Pinterest in that it focuses on visual material. We Heart It will accept photos, graphics, and infographics as long as they are of acceptable quality and have an inspiring bent.


Slashdot is yet another specialized bookmarking site that focuses on technology. Users who have created an account can submit information regarding computers, hardware, software, security, video games, and other topics. If you’re in the IT industry, Slashdot is fantastic for your firm.


No, that isn’t a misspelling of Facebook. Facecool is a free link-sharing platform that allows users to share material of all forms of media. You may make an account and distribute your material in a variety of categories, making it suitable for a wide range of enterprises.


Triberr is another free network for sharing and promoting blogs. You may use Triberr to increase the number of people who read your posts and locate bloggers and new influencers to add to your outreach list.


Scoop It is primarily intended for content creators who need curation, analysis, and marketing assistance. Scoop It offers both free and premium accounts, with the paid version catering to businesses looking to distribute content from their website.


Since it is designed for firms that publish scientific research, BibSonomy is possibly the most specialized bookmarking service on this list. Given the emphasis and the demographic that uses it, it is quite beneficial and respectable if your company works in that field.


Trendiee’s mission is to assist individuals in discovering fresh and trending content that they are interested in. Users may submit news and information for approval before being published, and you can search for news by category or topic. In that way, it’s comparable to Fark.


Diigo is a link-sharing service that focuses on academics. People who attend or work in schools and education can save interesting stuff using the site or a browser plugin. The ability to add annotations while you peruse information or PDFs online is beneficial for academics.


By its global reach, DZone is an excellent link-sharing platform for software development companies. Every day, many users visit to exchange information and learn about the newest news and trends in the development world.


Pearltrees is a link-sharing platform that allows users to arrange their saved information into collections. With a very basic and easy-to-use design, it also allows for some user participation. It’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular medium for sharing material.


Slideshare is ideal for any slideshow-based material that you create for conferences or seminars. It used to be independent, but LinkedIn purchased it and now provides you access to a vast professional network. Slideshare is especially handy if you’re in the B2B space and want to promote yourself to other companies.


Flipboard is a social bookmarking and information curating service that focuses on personal pleasure. It wants its users to access content that informs, engages and improves their overall quality of life. It’s a dangerous method, but it may be an effective way of disseminating your content rules.


MetaFilter is a community-based blog where users may post fresh storey and content links. You may also communicate with others in the comment sections, where you can share your knowledge and provide links to your tutorials.


Emolinks is a generic social bookmarking service that also lets you produce and share your own content. It’s free to use and contains a variety of content categories, making it a great content promotion tool for almost any company.


At its core, Quora is a platform for individuals to ask questions. Experts in specific fields can then respond with useful information. You may look up questions others have asked in your field and reply with your knowledge. You can link to an article on your site that offers a more detailed answer if you have one.


Instapaper is one of the most valuable tools for those who want to store content they find online for later reading. It’s convenient for folks who have a long trip or travel on a train with weak data connectivity. You may get your material in front of an interested audience if you have exciting stuff to present.


Feedly is a popular RSS blog reader with a user base of over 15 million. It allows users to gather articles and news from sites and influencers with whom they are affiliated. Feedly also has a social sharing feature that enables you to engage with other users.


LinkaGoGo is a fantastic platform for bookmarking interesting material. It allows users to curate information and organize their bookmarks with a high level of customization. It also allows users to create a reminder to visit websites that provide material regularly.


You’ve probably come across Disqus in some form or another. It’s a commenting system used by numerous websites to allow people to leave feedback on their articles. It’s ideal for including into your own articles or blogs. However, you may utilize it to offer your experience and connect to some of your articles on high-quality sites.


Kristy started as a stock content aggregator site, but it’s now grown to incorporate a broader range of material capabilities. A user may now share their extremely graphic presentations. It’s ideal for any company with a visual bent, such as designers of any kind.


PiPiNews is a bookmarking and link-sharing platform that allows users to share various materials. You may freely share your own news articles, videos, photos, and infographics.


Another broad social bookmarking service is Zypid, which allows users to share their bookmarked links with other people. It focuses on news-related information, and you can even submit your own news storey. As an extra bonus, all of the shared links are DoFollow.


Bloglovin’ is a feed management tool for keeping up with blogs. Following the closure of Google Reader, many blogs moved to it. This website provides a terrific method to build a readership. You just enter your blog’s URL, publish fresh content, and notify your followers when you make a new post.

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