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How Many Keywords Should I Target For SEO, How Many Keywords To Use For SEO

How Many Keywords Should I Target For SEO

How Many Keywords Should I Target For SEO

How Many Keywords Should I Target For SEO

If you’re new to SEO, you may be wondering about the magnificent and elusive keyword that you’ve read so much about. Not to fear, we’re going to break it down for you.

The number of keywords you target for a small article versus a large article can vary greatly regarding overall optimization. If you’re just getting started, 5 keywords will be enough to focus on without going overboard.

Starting with a smaller number of keywords will keep your article focused, making your topic clear to the artificial intelligence and algorithm of search engines. This can boost your rankings if you use them intuitively.

What is a keyword?

Before we discuss exactly what a keyword can do for your search engine rankings, it’s important to understand its role in SEO. In SEO, creating a focused article or blog is an essential factor to how well it ranks (or doesn’t). Telling Google (or other search engines) that your content is focused isn’t rocket science, but there are rules behind it. Let us explain.

A keyword is focused, and it’s likely to be searched for by consumers, businesses, web users, you name it. The more focused and specific the keyword is, the easier it will be for others to find your article. For example, “dog” is specific, but “small dog” is even more specific. If you want to go further than that, “chihuahua” is even more specific.

How does a keyword function in SEO?

By using specific keywords, you’re improving your chances of ranking higher on any search engine because your keywords are telling the algorithm and artificial intelligence what your article is about. When a keyword is searched, the algorithm and/or artificial intelligence scans your article (and many others) for the keyword and then boosts your content if it’s relevant to the search performed. The more relevant it is, the higher you rank.

How many keywords should I target in my articles?

When you begin to work on SEO, it’s important to use quality over quantity. If you want to target a specific keyword, you want to use it in such a way that it adds value to your article. If you just add the keyword or phrases into the article in as many places as possible, it’s going to show in your ranking.

Is keyword and keyword phrase the same thing?

Regarding SEO, keywords and keyword phrases are used interchangeably. It can be a single word or a string of words.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is essentially a string of keywords that may be alternatives or “the next question” a user may enter in a search engine. Going back to the chihuahua example, if you ask the search engine “how big are chihuahuas?” the search engine may also suggest the next question, “what is the biggest breed of chihuahua?” One keyword is longer than the other, but they’re still on the same topic. If you include both keywords in your article in a natural way, you’re more likely to rank better for both searches.

Can you use too many keywords?

Keywords shouldn’t be thrown in at every chance. However, they should be used enough within your article that the algorithm of search engines knows what your article is talking about.

You can also choose too many different keywords that can confuse the algorithm. Using keywords within your article should come naturally within the article, and not be forced.

So how many keywords should I use?

Starting with 5 keywords will cast your net wide while also keeping it contained within your niche. When users put 2-3 keywords into the search engine, and your article has those keywords, it’s more likely to rank. Just using 1 keyword won’t attract enough visitors and using long keywords could also harm your SEO. If you’re trying to use an 8-word keyword phrase, it’s going to get searched less often than 2-word keyword phrases.

For example:

The “Smallest chihuahua breeds” keyword phrase is more likely to rank higher than “small chihuahua breeds that love cuddles”. This is because the user is more likely to search for 3-4 keywords at a time than they are to search for 6-8 keywords. However, if you use long-tailed keywords in an appropriate manner within your article, it could help boost your ranking when those searches do happen. The general rules for using keywords are to pick 5, keep it focused, and monitor the results. Then you can adjust or make changes as needed to improve the performance of your article.

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