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Multiple H1 Tags On a Page is OK in SEO

Multiple H1 Tags On a Page is OK in SEO

Multiple H1 Tags On a Page is OK in SEO

Whether one H1 tag or multiple H1 tags are appropriate has been a topic of debate, but the fact of the matter is that multiple H1 tags on-page is perfectly fine in SEO.

What is an H1 tag (SEO)?

A webpage has headings, and the H1 heading is considered the most important heading. One H1 heading tells the bot and the reader what the entire article is about. Multiple H1 headings are indicative that the article has multiple topics.

What does an H1 tag do?

An H1 tag is a valuable bit of information that tells search engine bots as well as web users what the web page is all about. If the H1 header is used correctly, it can boost the article ranking on Google.

Do multiple H1 tags hurt Google rankings?

The Google algorithm can sort through this information without complication as long as the H1 tags are used correctly. If your article covers multiple closely related topics, it would be acceptable to use multiple H1 tags. As long as the headings reflect the context of the article, it shouldn’t hurt the rankings.

How many H1 tags should be on a page?

As long as the H1 tags aren’t being overused, it’s perfectly fine to use multiple. The tags should fit the context of the page so that the algorithm and search engine bots aren’t confused with conflicting information.

How do H1 tags affect Google rankings?

H1 tags that include the primary keyword will help Google to provide the correct information and articles for searches on that keyword. When the keywords and the H1 tags are used correctly and contextually, it should boost the Google rankings for that article.

Do headings help your article rankings?

The best practice is to always add H1 tags to your page to help increase your search engine optimization. The H1 tag is telling the search engine “this is what this page and the information on it is about.” Headings are useful to the search engine when filtering through the massive amounts of information found on the web.

Are multiple H1 tags bad for SEO?

If you want to include multiple tags to help your search engine optimization, you’re going to want to make sure the tags are geared towards your keyword and match your content.
Headings that aren’t aligned with the context of your page are going to hinder your rankings, no matter how many you use.

How many H1 tags should be used on a page?

The number of H1 tags you use on a page isn’t as important as the quality of your H1 tags. By adding a tag, you’re telling the bots and other web users what your page content is about. If you’re writing about dogs, it’s not going to be good for SEO if your H1 tag is about cats.

The more relevant your H1 tags are to your content, the more unique your tags are, and the more precise your keywords are, the better your rankings will be. Your audience will understand what your article is about. The search engine bots will know where to place your articles in searches about your keyword.

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