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JotForm Custom Form Builder Review. Is JotForm Form Builder Worth It?

JotForm Custom Form Builder Review

JotForm Custom Form Builder Review

JotForm is a custom form building solution that is perfect of small and large businesses. The program provides many editing and customization options as well as the ability to manage all of your forms right from your user dashboard.

The typical client base includes small, medium and large businesses. There are even Fortune 500 companies that make use of the program.
Whether your company is part of the tech, education, finances or publishing sector, JotForm can help you in many ways.

What Are the Main Features?

  • May be launched on your company servers and therefore allow the housing of proprietary data with total privacy.
  • You may have access to the full source code of the software so that it may be customized with any design you desire.
  • You may add or remove features as you see fit.
  • You may create and submit an infinite amount of forms.
  • The Form Designer ensures your forms are just the way you want them to be. Even if operating on mobile, the form will look just as you expect it.
  • Form Analytics ensures that you can make use of data to boost conversion as well as functionality of created forms.

What Are the Top Benefits?

  • You can easily collaborate with others on the creations of forms.
  • Even free users have total access to all of the available features.
  • Aside from the creation of forms, JotForm users may accept online payments complete with credit card processing by way of secure integration with, PayPal, Stripe, and others.
  • JotForm offers over a hundred widgets plus integrations that will make your forms better. These include SalesForce, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more.

Should You Use JotForm?

Compared to other form building services, it costs a lot less to use JotForm.

Furthermore, the ease of use that JotForm offers is completely unrivaled. The drag and drop interface is intuitive and makes it easy for all team members to use the program without having to know how to write code. Forms can be created and published quickly, and you can receive responses by email in no time flat. Lastly, you can create any form imaginable with JotForm. The website offers a full description of forms you can create, but simply put, any industry will be able to make use of this program.


To keep things running smoothly and customer queries answered, we recommended you try JotForm, as it became our preferred form creation program.

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