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Marketing Strategies For Hotel Business, How To Market Hotel Business

Marketing Strategies For Hotel Business

Marketing Strategies For Hotel Business

There are a number of ways for you to boost the marketing and consumer sales for your hotel. If you are a new business or simply relaunching with a new identity, here are some marketing strategies you can apply to increase your reach, impact, and sales out there.

1. Invest time and efforts into having an awesome website.

Everybody online nowadays. In many instances, your online presence is how and where customers will get to know your business and interact with you. Be creatively informative and attractive to online guests. More importantly, prioritize an online booking or sales engine that can straightly process self-service reservations. Consider having a mobile-friendly website as many people browse on the go with their tablets and smartphones. Pay attention to good SEO practices. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for getting the right and targeted visitors to browse and transact at your website.

2. Be bold and strategic with perks, discounts, and promotions.

Have a careful consideration of the cost and profit ratios when it comes to giving customer discounts, perks, and promotions. These are attractive to any potential customers. Often, these are how you also get customers to come back and book with you. Welcome treats upon check-in let guests know that you value their business. Discounts for extended stays encourage longer bookings and more revenues for you.

3. Be in the loop thru Social Media.

Everybody online and more importantly, everybody on social media these days. Social media is a great platform to dispense and circulate information about your business. Make sure you promote your hotel thru these channels. Share snaps, flyers, customer reviews, booking promotions, and more. Talk about your business on social media. Soon, others will start talking about you.

For a small scale business operation, you may handle this aspect yourself. When demands increase, consider hiring a staff who will personally handle the content creation and management of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other Social Media accounts.

4. Employ sales representatives for direct field marketing.

It is beneficial to appoint certain people to directly market your hotel in the field. Delegate duties and assign them by areas or by companies. Check your logs and see which businesses have been using your hotel and send someone for a personal visit to promote repeat business with your hotel. Scout for new prospects and have someone go over and introduce your hotel and share promotional information with these companies.

5. Seek official listings and recommendations.

Get your hotel listed officially with tourist offices or websites, directories, and magazines. Consider joining conventions and exhibits as these are great venues that connect you with targeted customers. Establish connections with travel agencies so they can include you in their pool of hotel accommodation choices.

6. Love and serve your customers.

Customers are one of your best marketers. If they are satisfied with your hotel amenities and services, they will come back. Moreover, they will recommend you to others. They are living proof that your business is great. So, love and serve them. Employ hotel staff that are keen on fulfilling their duties and making customers happy. They will come back. Word will get around. You will see repeat customers and new faces checking in at your hotel.

You may also consider gathering customer reviews and acquiring permission to print what they share along with their name. Publish good reviews. Handle negative reviews by making amends, granting some perks to appease dissatisfied customers, and making necessary changes in order to avoid unpleasant situations like that from happening again.

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