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How to Write the Best Instagram Bio for Businesses

How to Write the Best Instagram Bio for Businesses

How to Write the Best Instagram Bio for Businesses

How to Write the Best Instagram Bio for Businesses

Starting and effectively running your own business has never been more accessible in our current age due to tools like social media and online courses. One great online tool for marketing and running a successful business is Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for creating content, connecting with new customers, and marketing your products and services.

Instagram allows you to showcase your business and build a following organically. However, it is important to portray your business accurately to your followers and share what you do. In addition, with so many people and businesses on the platform, it is important to stand out and grab the attention of potential customers or clients. For this reason, it is crucial to have a bio that will set you apart.

Why is an Instagram Bio Important?

Your bio is the first thing you see that catches attention on an Instagram page. Most people will only look at a bio for 5-10 seconds before deciding to follow the account or move on. Your bio also allows you to showcase your brand and what you offer.

A strong bio will immediately attract potential customers or clients to your page and spark interest in your products or services. A personalized bio will help customers connect with you and what your business offers.

Profile Components

When creating an attractive and effective bio, it’s important to consider the following components that will go into the bio.

Profile Picture

Having a profile picture is crucial so your audience feels they can relate to you. Your audience will feel more connected to you and your business when they can put a face to the name and feel like they can connect with and relate to you.

Your profile can be a picture of yourself or a company logo. Either way, it should be visually appealing and relate to your business. If you use a picture of yourself, you should ensure that it is a clear photo, and a blank background is best.


When choosing a username, it is important to ensure that you are easily located on the platform. This means that your username should be the name of your business or your name so that consumers can easily locate you. You should avoid unnecessary characters or numbers that may make your account harder to find.


Now, let’s get down to the bio! The bio is crucial to consumers’ understanding of your services and how you can help them. However, Instagram only gives you 150 characters to describe your business and what you do.

It’s important to keep your bio short. A great way to do this is by including an “I help” statement to share what you do and your services. Next, you should include a call to action. This shows clients how they can participate in your services or purchase your products.

A call to action can include a direct link where clients can sign up for services or make a purchase.

Other Information to Add to Your Bio

In addition to the bio itself, you can add additional information to help customers get into contact with you and partake in your services or products. First, you can add a phone number for your business for clients to contact you. In addition, Instagram provides options to place “buttons” on your profile so that customers can easily email or message you directly from your page.v

You can also list your email on your profile and on a website. Another great idea is having a customer interest or contact form below your call to action or listed on your website for customers to get into direct contact with you.

Lastly, if you have a physical location for your business, it may be helpful to list an address so that it is easier for customers to find you.

Final Tips

Some final tips for making your page and bio stand out are to add some final accents. For example, you may want to add some hashtags that represent your products, services, or niche so that new customers can find you. In addition, make sure you have any important contacts for your company listed.

Lastly, make it fun and show your personality! Use emojis or fun taglines to showcase your business and what you offer. You can also include promotional offers or deals in your bio and change them out as often as needed to show customers any current programs or offers they don’t want to miss.

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