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Eight Most Popular Online Digital Marketing Certificates

Eight Most Popular Online Digital Marketing Certificates

Eight Most Popular Online Digital Marketing Certificates

The digital marketing sector is one of the most lucrative for new professionals nowadays. With continuous shifts and changes in the industry, more and more businesses require help from experts who know how to navigate the treacherous waters of ever-changing digital space to stay on top.

But with the increase in demand for experts comes the rise in demand for quality. A digital marketing expert must prove they bring high skills to get hired, usually in the form of digital marketing certificates. These certificates become even more critical when considering that the sector contains multiple sub-categories, and not all experts are skilled in the same areas.

Below, we have the eight most popular digital marketing certificates in various sub-sectors for digital marketers who want to expand their skills:

Google Ads Certificate

Google Ads Fundamentals Certificate is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand right now. It allows students to learn the ins and outs of targeted digital advertisement and social media campaign strategies. This certificate is particularly useful for current and prospective PPC Advertisement experts. The program includes fundamentals for AdWords, search and display advertising, shopping ads, mobile ads, and video advertising.

Google Analytics Certificate

Google Analytics is a tool that allows digital experts to collect and review traffic data. It’s considered one of the primary marketing tools, and most digital marketing positions will ask prospective candidates to know how to use it.

Google has a certification program through their Google Analytics academy that teaches the best practices of using the tool and conducts a final exam before certifying those who pass it. Google Analytics certificate is valid for 12 months from passing.

YouTube Certificate

For those who plan to specialize in video marketing, YouTube Creator Academy has various tutorials for beginners to advanced levels, focusing on creating and optimizing video content.

Since Youtube is the second largest search platform after Google and the most prominent video platform, it’s currently an unequivocal leader in video marketing. In fact, many companies, when looking for video creators, specifically look for those skilled in using Youtube tools.

Facebook Blueprint Certificate

Despite what you’ll hear youngsters say, Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms and an essential resource in social media advertising. Facebook Blueprint is a social media advertising training program focusing on Facebook and Instagram. With many companies actively focusing on FB and Instagram ads for their products, holding an FB Blueprint certificate may give you a serious edge while looking for a job.

The program includes eight certification modules concerning basic digital marketing tactics, media advertisement campaign planning, and advanced marketing strategies.

The Digital Marketing Institute Certificate

The Digital Marketing Institute offers multiple completely online courses covering numerous aspects of digital media marketing. An expert digital marketer is expected to know their way around SEO, Google Analytics, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and much more.

The idea behind the Digital Marketing Institute course is to bring their course graduates to a certain standard that qualifies a well-rounded digital marketing expert. Regardless of where you are in your career, be it a beginner or an experienced marketer, there will be an aspect of your performance DMI course will improve (and the certificate looks mighty nice for job applications).

Hubspot Content Marketing Certificate

One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing nowadays is content. To put it succinctly, Content is King. Content quality directly affects all digital marketing strategies and tactics. But it’s a two-way street: just as even the best digital marketers will have a tough time marketing bad content, unqualified marketers who know little about content marketing will drop the ball, even with top-notch content.

Hubspot Content Marketing Course is a professional certification program specifically about the intricacies of content marketing. The program lasts about four hours and covers industry aspects such as frameworks of content creation, content marketing, and content analysis.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certificate

Hootsuite is a social media management platform highly popular among experienced digital marketers. It has its own Hootsuite Academy, which provides professional and prospective digital marketers with multiple training courses on social media.

Hootsuite offers three levels of social media training courses: basic social media marketing certification, advanced social advertising certification, and advanced social media strategy certification, with a more comprehensive course load. Each program consists of approximately 15 lessons.

Once you have finished the course, there will be an exam to pass. If you pass, you get certified as a social media marketing expert. Unlike the Google Analytics certificate, the Hootsuite certificate is valid forever.

Duke University Office of Continuing Studies Digital Media and Marketing Certificate

Duke’s Continuous Studies digital media and marketing course provides comprehensive knowledge about SEO, PPC advertisement, content marketing, and analysis, among other important digital marketing techniques and tools.

The course is entirely online and self-paced: you study at your convenience. The course comprises 350 hours of lectures and takes, on average, around 12 months to complete. You can pick the modules to your taste, as long as you complete the requisite module plus six advanced modules required by the program.

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