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How To Become An Internet Marketer

How To Become An Internet Marketer

Building a new business today is both easier and more challenging than ever before, thanks entirely to the internet. With little more than a laptop, online connection, and an idea you can have a new online business up and running in about 30 minutes or so – but so can everyone else!

If you’re going to have any success in the world’s most competitive business environment as an internet marketer today, you’ll need to pay close attention to all the inside information we highlight below. Let’s dig right in!

Master Making Offers That Crush Your Competitors

The first thing you want to master as a newly minted internet marketer is the ability to craft offers than absolutely crush it in your market, the kinds of offers that knock people’s socks off and have them running to grab their wallet!

The overwhelming majority of newbie internet marketers really soft-pedal what it is they have to offer, not realizing just how competitive every industry is these days because of the power and reach of the internet.

If you’re going to have any success at all as an internet marketer you have to hone razor-sharp offers that cut through the noise and the clutter in your market, grab your prospects by the throat, and overwhelm them with a dominant emotion that triggers a frenzy of buying activity.

Study great ads (including ads from the direct mail days of marketing), pay attention to successful funnels, and see what your competitors are up to. This is the fastest way to get a jumpstart on your offer education, studying winners that are making the cash register ring right now.

LTV is the Name of the Game

LTV is an acronym you want to tattoo somewhere on your body, or at the very least cement in your memory so that every decision you make as an internet marketer revolves around this concept.

LTV stands for Lifetime Value, basically the amount of money that every single customer you get is worth to your business on average. This just might be the most important metric of all to track.

LTV lets you know how much each and every one of your individual customers are worth, and that dictates how much you’re able to spend to get new customers, how you price your front-end and backend products, and how rapidly – or molasses like slowly – you’re able to scale and grow your operations.

Calculate your LTV just as soon as you have two or three months of sales under your belt, adjusting on the fly as you get more sales information, and you’ll finally come to a settled on figure that represents your customers as a whole.

This also helps you stop thinking of your customers as individual transactions and instead start thinking of your customer base as the most valuable and important asset your business could ever have. You’ll learn the value of low-priced, front-end products that get new customers in the door as well as the value of backend products where all the profit is really made.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!

You could have the best products or services, a top-notch offer that’s almost too good to be true, and a close watch on your LTV metrics and still not have any success as an internet marketer if you aren’t able to push a flood of targeted traffic – TARGETED traffic – through your sales and marketing funnels.

Don’t fall into the Field of Dreams fallacy that so many other newbie marketers get sucked into.

Just building a new online business and offering something for sale isn’t enough to get them to come and spend money. You have to be driving traffic every single day, getting your marketing out in front of as many eyeballs as possible to build the kind of business you’ve been dreaming of.

Track, Measure, Tweak, Profit

At the end of the day, the real road to success as an internet marketer has a lot more to do with trying new stuff out, seeing how it does in the market, and then adjusting on the fly while optimizing along the way.

There are plenty of books, blog posts, and YouTube videos out there that promise to show you EXACTLY how to become a successful internet marketer. And while all of them have some piece of the puzzle (some larger pieces, some smaller pieces), none of them are going to be able to give you the kind of world-class business education that actually setting up shop and seeing how your market responds will.

Promise to always track your results, measure your progress against your goals, tweak and test new things to see what works – and what doesn’t – and you’ll be on an almost guaranteed pathway to success.

Best of luck going forward!

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