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What Makes a Great Internet Marketer?

What Makes a Great Internet Marketer?

What Makes a Great Internet Marketer?

It doesn’t take a whole lot to be a “good” internet marketer these days. In fact, anyone with about $50, an online connection, and a mobile device can have a brand-new digital business up and running – with paid advertising pushing traffic to their sales page – in about 30 minutes. But the internet marketers that grow beyond good into truly great marketers all have similar qualities that tie them together. These are the internet marketers that are able to separate themselves and their businesses from the rest of the pack, rise above the cluttered lower levels of every industry and niche, and create the kind of financial future most people only ever dream of.

Now make no mistake about it. Most people aren’t ever going to get beyond the “good” level when it comes to internet marketing.
But not you.
The fact that you are even reading something like this is a pretty good sign that you’re serious about becoming truly great – and that’s what this inside information is designed to help you out with!

A Burning Curiosity about Everything in the World Around Them

Far too many internet marketers (and traditional business owners, too) get sucked into learning everything they can about their industry and the services they have to offer without ever broadening themselves and paying attention to the business world – and the world in general, really – to see what kinds of special insights they might uncover.

To become great at internet marketing you have to learn how to find – and develop – Big Ideas.

We are constantly bombarded with more advertising than ever before and we’ve developed the ability to ignore almost all of it. The only campaigns that get through the noise and the clutter are those centered around Big Ideas, the kinds of ideas that shake things up, that grab our attention, and that demand we focus on what they have to say.

You won’t find Big Ideas laying around your industry and you certainly won’t find them in the ho-hum mechanisms of your products or your services. You have to connect your business, your market, and your marketing with ideas that are all around you – finding the new and exciting and matching it to your business.

A Dedication for Creating Real, Tangible Magic

This ties in nicely with the concept of the Big Idea, but it really goes beyond that and becomes the Big Promise. Basic level marketers feel like they can get away with advertising something like a weight loss program that promises to help people lose 20 pounds. They never realize that EVERY other basic level marketer is promising the exact same thing, which means that each and every one of them really aren’t promising anything different or new – and that’s why they aren’t getting any traction.

The Big Promise is something new, something novel, and something exciting. In the world of weight loss it might be tied to “old, ancient secrets from the Asian cultures that melt fat faster without having to give up your favorite foods” – a new way to say that you’re going to be able to lose weight in a hurry without that ho-hum kind of promise.

Learn how to create real, tangible magic for your customers and they not only give you a mountain of money for your products and your services but they also love you for it, too!

A Focus on the Lifetime Value is Their Greatest Business Asset

At the end of the day, your business is absolutely NOTHING without your customers and your clients. You have no business unless you are selling, bringing in money, and keeping the lights on (so to speak). Far too many otherwise smart and savvy internet marketers as well as business owners in general take their customers and their clients for granted. The hardest thing you can ever do in business is convince complete and total strangers to trust you enough to trade their hard-earned money for your products and your services, and the last thing you should do is ignore the relationship you build with these customers just to chase down more strangers to try and convince to do the same.

Obviously, you’ll need to continue to develop new customers – but that doesn’t mean that you forget about the ones you already have. Marketing to people that already like, trust, and respect you is a whole lot easier (and a whole lot cheaper) and you have to make sure that you are regularly advertising something new and exciting to your already existing customer base to dig up that “free money” you would have been missing out on otherwise.

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