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Best Video Editing Apps

Best Video Editing Apps

Best Video Editing Apps

There are many reasons to use video editing apps! You can experiment with them for fun or to create a strong video marketing campaign. If you’re looking to make more video content, you need a reliable app to help you.

There are plenty of free and cost-efficient video editing apps out there. You can download them right now and enjoy making content ASAP! These apps can range from incredibly simple to professional levels – so choose the one that is the most useful to you.

Required Features in Editing Apps

If you’re unfamiliar with video editing, then you’ll benefit more from a simple editing app. These often include free versions and have all of the basic features you need to get the job done.

It would help if you only used editing apps that can do all of the following:

  • Import videos and photos from your gallery app
  • Add music or sound effects
  • Create correct aspect ratios for the final platform
  • Scrub through videos
  • Offers at least 480p
  • Allows you to save the video content to the cloud or your gallery app
  • Add images and text
  • Speed up and slow down the video

If the app doesn’t offer every one of these features, you may have a more challenging time working with it. You want to make high-quality content, so don’t settle for an app that doesn’t include the most basic features!

Premium Features in Editing Apps

Additionally, you can often pay to have more features. Some of these premium features might include:

  • Transitions
  • 720p or higher exports
  • Layering, masking, and green-screening
  • More choices in stock music, sounds, images, and footage
  • Multi-track editing
  • No watermarks!

These premium features are best for those serious about their video content. You can do a lot more after placing a transaction in the app, which helps if your video is for marketing purposes. Overall, everyone can benefit from having more premium features available, no matter what they want with the app.

Best Video Editing App for Instagram

Instagram is full of beautiful imagery! If you want to keep up, you’ll need a reliable video editing app. While this app isn’t only for Instagram, it has many features and settings that will suit it very well.


  • Price: Free basic features
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and browsers

Magisto creates videos for you! You choose your editing style, the photos and footage, then what stock music you want to use. Then, Magisto employs AI to create your video! This process is easy and fun.

You can choose between the free software and the paid version, which comes with more features. The paid versions allow you to create longer videos at a monthly fee.


  • Very easy to use
  • Paid versions come with Vimeo Pro
  • Settings for Instagram


  • Noticeable watermark
  • Short videos only
  • Must have paid version for stock footage

Best Free Cloud Video Editing App

This type of software is very flexible – you can use it across a variety of platforms. That means you can access your works in progress from any device, as well as your computer browser.


  • Price: Free basic features
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, and Chrome

WeVideo works on several browsers, allowing you to access your video content from the cloud. You can edit audio, access music, and save your final footage in 4K! However, if you want to use more video storage space, you will need to buy the premium version.

Cloud-based editing apps like these are gaining more and more traction in recent years. The most significant benefit of cloud editing is that you can swap between editing on your computer and mobile device as you need to. That way, you can work on your video content whenever you have free time.


  • Accessible on any device from anywhere
  • Cost-efficient premium versions
  • 4K video resolution


  • Noticeable watermark in free versions
  • Only provides 10GB storage space on the free version

Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

If you have access to a desktop or laptop, you can use more powerful software for creating YouTube videos. This app is what many YouTubers recommend you use for professional quality levels.


  • Price: Free basic features
  • Platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux

Blender is an open-source program that allows you to work in 3D animation! You can experiment with modeling figures, rendering them, and applying motion to them. Plus, you have access to a variety of video editing features.

These video editing benefits include transitions, layers, filters, and more. The amount of features you get in the free version is incredible- you can even use it for marketing without having the paid version.


  • An incredible amount of content for free
  • Allows you to work with 3D animation
  • Plenty of video editing features for free


  • Hard to learn
  • Only available on computers

Best Video Editing App on Android

There are plenty of video editing apps only available for Android users or with more benefits on the operating system. If you have an Android device at home, you benefit the most from this app!


  • Price: Free basic features
  • Platforms: Androind

This video editor comes with motion tracking – a very convenient feature to have! It also includes collages, stabilization, and several audio benefits. Most of their editing options are free to use on Android – making it well worth checking out!

You can even make 4K resolution videos, use green-screen detection and editing tools, and add your voice-overs to the footage. Overall, it comes with plenty of free powerful tools that can aid you in video creation.


  • Plenty of free and powerful editing tools
  • Reasonable prices on the premium versions
  • Multi-track timelines and editing
  • Plenty of new templates to use


  • Can lag or be buggy sometimes
  • Hard to learn

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best video editing apps help you make content that promotes your brand or social media profile. Your audience will appreciate the quality of your videos if you use one of these apps! Since the above options all offer free versions, you can take some time to explore what’s available to you- before you pay.

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