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Improve Your WordPress PageSpeed Insights, NitroPack Plugin Review

Improve Your WordPress PageSpeed Insights – NitroPack Plugin Review

Improve Your WordPress PageSpeed Insights – NitroPack Plugin Review

Improve Your WordPress PageSpeed Insights - NitroPack Plugin Review

So you are looking to speed up your WordPress website and improve your pagespeed score. You’ve used multiple caching plugins, CDNs, yet, your pagespeed score is still not in the green.
Well, luckily for you, there is a solution – NitroPack.

What is NitroPack?

NitroPack is a cloud-based all-in-one solution for website speed optimization. It has everything, from caching and image lazy loading to CSS compression, CDN, and defer JS loading.

NitroPack functions include:

CSS Compression
CSS Minification
Defer JS Loading
DNS Prefetching
Faster Painting
Faster Speed Index
Global CDN
HTML Compression
HTML Minification
HTTP-2 Support
Image Optimization
Improved TTFB (Time to First Byte)
JS Compression
JS Minification
Key Requests Preload
Lightweight Page Cache
Minimized Main-thread Work
No CPU Overhead
PageSpeed Optimization
Smart Invalidation
Container-specific Image Resizing
Deferred Offscreen Images
Image Lazy Loading
Next-Gen Image Formats
Browser-aware Caching
Cookie-aware Caching
Device-aware caching
eCommerce Friendly
Session-aware Caching
CloudFlare Compatibility

Does NitroPack Work?

Absolutely. In fact, we use NitroPack on our website. Before NitroPack, we’ve used multiple different cache plugins and CDNs. However, none of them were able to bring our website speed to the desired results. So, after testing the free version of NitroPack we were sold. NitroPack provides everything you need to optimize and improve your WordPress Pagespeed Insights.

nitropack before and after

How to Install NitroPack

To add NitroPack to your WordPress website simply navigate to your plugins section > add new and search for NitroPack plugin. Once found, just click the “install now” button:

nitropack installation

Once installed, you will also need to create your account on their website.

NitroPack Settings and Set-up

After installation, you’ll notice different settings in your NitroPack WordPress menu:

nitropack settings window in wordpress

NitroPack does have some pre-defined optimization modes for you to choose from if you don’t want to set anything up manually:

nitropack optimization modes

You can choose from the following:

The standard and Medium Modes: those will be the most stable but the least optimized. They implement different optimization techniques to improve your WordPress websites performance without being too aggressive. In addition, they use built-in browser techniques instead of custom-coded ones to ensure they don’t break your site.

The Strong Mode: is a more aggressive option and will make your website significantly faster. It uses advanced features, like image lazy loading, resource loading, and more to provide a great balance between stability and website speed.

The Ludicrous Mode: is the default mode and the most aggressive one. Before switching to this option, we suggest testing it first using the “Safe mode.” Ludicrous mode delays JS scripts and prioritizes HTML and CSS to provide your website with the highest-possible page speed insights scores. It could, however, might not be the best option for JavaScript-heavy websites and themes.

The Custom Mode: allows you to tweak all of the advanced settings to find the best and the most optimal optimizations for your website. Keep in mind the custom mode designed for tech-savvy users, so before you go and start switching stuff off and on, make sure you understand what each setting does. A few of the settings and their descriptions are outlined below:

nitropack advanced settings custom mode

How Much Does NitroPack Improves PageSpeed Insights Score

Short answer: it all depends on your website, your theme, and whether you are using any of the heavy page builders like Elementor. On average, we see scores go up by at least 50% on mobile and a lot more on desktop. For example, most of the websites we’ve used NitroPack on went from an average PageSpeed insights score of 40 to over 90 on mobile and desktop.


With the recent Google Updates and PageSpeed Insights becoming a small SEO ranking signal, more and more people started to focus on website speed optimization. Due to WordPress nature, many websites can’t get past the score of 60 when it comes to Google PageSpeed Insights. With the NitroPack plugin, you should easily be able to turn your PageSpeed score from red and orange to green in a matter of minutes without coding, configuring DNS settings for CDNs, or switching your theme.
NitroPack is also very affordable, so if you are looking to utilize it on your website just click on one of the options below:

nitropack pricing

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