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What Are Youtube Tags and How to Use Them for a Video?

What Are Youtube Tags and How to Use Them for Video SEO?

What Are Youtube Tags and How to Use Them for Video SEO?

YouTube tags are words and phrases that are used to provide context for a video on YouTube. In YouTube’s search algorithm, tags are a significant ranking component. Like any other piece of metadata, your tags are a chance to provide YouTube and Google with information about your videos, such as the topic, category, and more.

What Are YouTube Tags?

YouTube Tags are descriptive keywords that you may use to help visitors locate your video. The title, thumbnail, and description of your movie are the most crucial metadata elements for video discovery. These key details assist viewers in deciding which videos to watch.

Why Are YouTube Tags Important?

YouTube tags are used to assist YouTube in understanding the content and context of your video. This allows YouTube to recognize the topic and genre of your video and correlate it with comparable material, thereby expanding its exposure.

How to Optimize Your Video YouTube Tags?

Your First Tag Should Include Your Target Keywords

YouTube pays significant attention to the initial few tags when it comes to video SEO. As a result, make sure your initial tag has the precise, word-for-word term you want to rank for. Imagine you want your video to get ranked for the keywords “makeup tutorial,” you should use those identical words in your first YouTube tag.

Use a Combination of Both Specific and Broad YouTube Tags

Tags that are particular to your video, such as “booty workouts” or “biking tutorial,” assist YouTube figure out what your video is about. However, it’s also critical to utilize wide tags. Broad tags provide vital context for your video on YouTube. Let’s assume your video’s primary keyword is “how to run,” you’d want to utilize that keyword and variants in your tags. You should also provide a few broad tags that explain your video’s general category or high-level topic. In this case, terms like “fitness” and “workouts” would be broad tags.

Only Use Tags that are Two to Three Words Long

2-3 words are the ideal tag length for SEO in terms of length. This isn’t to say you should check every tag to ensure it’s within this range. In other circumstances, such as with broad tags, it’s even better to use very short, 1–2-word tags. However, this information might help you get a general notion of how lengthy tags should be.

Don’t Use Too Many Tags in Your Video

Many rookie YouTubers make the mistake of stuffing their videos with dozens of tags. As it turns out, this is more harmful than beneficial. Remember that tags are there to assist YouTube in comprehending your video content, so if you give them 20 or more tags, they’ll have a hard time figuring out what your video is about. Instead, limit yourself to 5-8 tags that adequately reflect the subject of your film. These should be a combination of specific and broad keywords discovered through video keyword research.

What Are the Best Online Tools for Generating YouTube Tags? will offer you recommended keywords, their search volume, how they’ve trended over the previous 12 months, and questions, prepositions, and hashtags that incorporate your target term when you enter it into its YouTube search box.


TagTube is a free application that provides a list of relevant tags for you to use on your videos on YouTube. Simply enter the principal keyword of your video into the Tag YouTube tool to obtain a list of YouTube tag ideas.

VidIQ Enhancement

VidIQ Boost is a very useful feature of VidIQ’s premium edition. VidIQ Boost is distinct in that it proposes tags within the YouTube video editor. In other words, your browser provides you with a list of term ideas.

Always Double Check and Re-Read Your Tags Before Submission

Try reading your tags without first glancing at the title or description of your video. The idea is to use just the tags to build and comprehend your video. You also want to double-check and make sure there are no spelling errors, as this can cause your video to either be tagged to the wrong location or cause YouTube to misunderstand your tag.

Ensure Your Tags are Always Accurate

Some people use tags to include the names of their competitors’ YouTube channels. The idea is that this will help you appear as a “Suggested Video” next to videos from that channel. For the same reason, some people use a celebrity’s name as a tag. This may work, but it’s also hazardous. Misleading tags, according to YouTube, might result in your video being taken down.

Remember to Include Long Tail Keywords

Add 1-2 long tail keywords as tags if you have room. If you’re planning to submit a video optimized for a “taco recipe,” for example, search that term into YouTube and see what comes up. These recommendations are excellent long-tail keyword variants to utilize as tags.

Tags from Well-Known Videos Should be Copied

Tags are crucial for more than just YouTube Search. They also assist you in becoming a Suggested Video. If your tags match those of a popular video, you’ll be able to appear next to it. Copy a few relevant YouTube tags from famous videos on your topic.

As a result, feel free to utilize a few appropriate tags from a well-known video as tags. Using an app like TubeBuddy, you can quickly examine a video’s tags.

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