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Top Ten Content Marketing Tips in 2022

Top Ten Content Marketing Tips in 2022

Top Ten Content Marketing Tips in 2022

Top Ten Content Marketing Tips in 2022

Content marketing has always been an integral part of your online business foundation. Besides, it is critically important to know that your content marketing strategy works well.  Especially, when new content marketing trends appear on the market.

So, how to stand out from the competitors with your content marketing game in 2022?

In this post, you will find 10 content marketing tips that will help you out. Shall we begin?

1. Analyze Your Audience and Create Content Accordingly

For instance, if you create and sell a service for finding email addresses, you should attract those people who would be interested in using this tool. Therefore, you should cover the topics related to the issues your target audience has.

You can’t write about email marketing in general. But your goal is to let people know “how to find email addresses” and “what are the obstacles people may face exploring email addresses”, etc.

Hence, the very first step you should take is to realize who you’re creating content for.

How to do this?

Figure out the channels where your target audience may hang out. Then, analyze the topics they are discussing, what issues they have, and what they want from the service similar to yours.

Afterwards, create a buyer persona for your type of product and move to the next step.

2. Explore Topics With High Traffic Potential

How to get a traffic boost right off the bat?

You can create an ad and reap the benefits. But the problem with the ads is that you get traffic while you’re paying for the ads. Once you stop paying – traffic starts to fade away.

Instead, you can cover the topics that people find in Google and get consistent and passive traffic to your site.

How to find topics that would be interesting to your audience?

For this, you can use the Keywords Explorer tool from Ahrefs. Type your target keyword and go to the “Matching terms” report. The last step is to click the “Questions” tab:

Keywords Explorer tool from Ahrefs

As you can see, there is a list of 7K+ topic ideas to choose from. Run through the list and pick the most promising ones.

3. Topic Prioritization

Traffic is not always a solution for your business. If it doesn’t convert into leads and doesn’t bring any revenue – it is pointless then. Thus, if your website drives tons of traffic that is out of your business, you should reconsider your content marketing strategy.

To drive traffic that makes sense for your business, you should cover topics with business potential. To figure out the business potential of the topics, you can analyze them with the following topic score:

  • “0” – your product is out of the solution and it can’t solve it at all
  • “1” – your product can’t solve the issue directly but it has a slight connection to the problem
  • “2” – your product can solve the issue but people can avoid using it
  • “3” – your product is the only solution to the existing problem

Combine the topic’s “business potential” with the topic’s “search potential” and create content that works for your business.

To find out the search potential of the topic, you should review the “search volume” metric available in Keywords Explorer tool.

Keywords Explorer tool

4. Take Into Consideration the 3Cs of Search Intent

Google tries to provide users with the most relevant search results per their requests. Therefore, if you want to get more traffic to your site, your content should match the search intent of your target audience.

Search intent stands for the reason why people are looking for a specific topic on the web. To get an idea of search intent, you should go to Google and analyze top-ranking pages for 3Cs of search intent.

Content type

Basically, there are 5 main types of content: video, blog posts, product, category, or landing page. For instance, if you search for “how to play dominoes,” you will see that the first few top search results are videos.

top search results are videos

The top results are video content. Thus, if you want to cover this topic, you should create a video.

Content format

When it comes to content format, there are five major formats – listicles, how-to articles, news, reviews, and opinion pieces.

For instance, let’s review the top results for the query “best PC games 2021”:

best PC games 2021

By reviewing the first four results you can see that they are listicles articles.

Explore content format per your topics and create content accordingly.

Content angle
Content angle predicts the direct context of the message of your content. Let’s say, your search for “how to make a spiced wine” gives a clear idea that people want to see the exact recipe.

how to make a spiced wine

5. Content Promotion

When your new post goes live, it should be presented to your audience. Otherwise, it will stay unnoticed and won’t bring any value to your content marketing campaign.

What are the basic ways to promote content?

Don’t let your content stay invisible to your audience. Promote it.

6. Content Repurposing

There are topics that can drive traffic constantly. These topics belong to “evergreen content” that is always up-to-date. If you want such content to bring more value, you should repurpose it into different formats.

For instance, there is a post on YouTube SEO from Visme. This topic is quite in demand.

YouTube SEO from Visme

Hence, the blog post has been repurposed into a video for their YouTube channel.

video for their YouTube channel

You can repurpose your content in infographics, e-books, and other visual formats you want.

7. Content Updates

Perhaps nothing is permanent in our life. Especially the information. It changes from day to day. The same happens with target keywords and search intent in your business. Your ranking can drop and content becomes outdated.

Likely, you don’t need to update every blog post on your blog. Prioritize the blog posts analyzing them with these few questions:

  • Is the blog post underperforming for a target keyword?
  • Is the blog post more than 12 months?
  • Do you need more links to rank higher?
  • Do other pages outrank the specific post?

If you can answer some of these questions with “yes”, then it is time to update the post you’re analyzing.

8. Do More Blogger Outreach

You are familiar with outreach – the process of building business connections via email. While blogger outreach has a goal to share your content with relevant bloggers and journalists via sending personalized emails.

When you do blogger outreach – forget about short-term relationships. The main purpose of this activity is to build long business relationships on a win-win basis.

What are the core principles of blogger outreach?

  • Find niche related outreach targets
  • Explore correct email addresses (tools like, will help you)
  • Create a personalized email template
  • Don’t ask first – offer something

Use blogger outreach to let more people know about your content.

9. Get Insights on the Competitors’ Best-Performing Topics

If you are not aware of what topics could be successful for your content marketing strategy, you can borrow some ideas from your competitors.

How to do this?

You will need to play with the tool called Site Explorer from Ahrefs.

Just enter your competitor’s domain and click the “Top pages” report.

Top pages report

The report provides you with the number of organic traffic each page drives. Besides, you can see the top keyword each page is optimized for.

10. Create a Content Portfolio

Even though you create brilliant content, each blog post can’t complete those content marketing goals. Thus, you need to think about content diversification.

When you know your business goals, you can split your content accordingly. Here are some of the examples:

What’s more important, you shouldn’t forget to create content like data studies, opinion posts, product updates, etc.

To Sum Up

Content marketing is the field of action that is always open to innovations. You can’t be limited to old-fashioned tricks that had helped you before. You should move forward and consume new content marketing tips to stay afloat.

The post suggests ten actionable content marketing tips that will be essential during this 2022 year.

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