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Real Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Real Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Real Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Real Life Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

The top 13 real-life examples of successful affiliate marketing websites in 2022. Discover why these 13 websites have been voted the most successful real-life affiliate marketing websites of 2022.


In 2009, Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson founded NerdWallet, an American personal finance company. The NerdWallet website and app teach users how to save money, invest money, get a mortgage, learn about student loans, get insurance, and find the best credit cards, among other things. The NerdWallet website also includes articles and tools to help users make confident financial decisions and keep track of their finances and credit score in one location.

The WireCutter

The WireCutter is a popular review affiliate website for electronics, gadgets, and consumer items on the internet. The site concentrates on producing extensive recommendations to several consumer goods categories, each of which recommends only one or two top things in the field.

It generates most of its money from affiliate marketing, including connections to its recommendations. To avoid bias, the site’s reviewers are not notified of any commissions that the site receives for particular items.

As of 2015, WireCutter had worked with various websites, including Engadget, to deliver paid guest pieces. Amazon attempted a deal with WireCutter in 2015 on a similar sponsored posts model for recommendations on Amazon’s site.

Money-Saving Expert is the UK’s largest consumer website, with over 16 million monthly visitors. The site is devoted to helping you save money and fight for your rights through journalistic research, cutting-edge technologies, and a vast community, all to find deals, save money, and advocate for financial justice. The website never costs to save consumers money, and it does not accept advertising. Companies are unable to pay for site space. Any top bargains, best buys, recommendations, or ideas on the leading site are based solely on journalistic research conducted by the MSE team and Martin.

Dating Advice

The dating niche is quite profitable in terms of internet marketing. Unfortunately, it is also teeming with scammers and fraudulent websites built solely to direct people to affiliate offerings.
In this crowded niche, is a breath of new air. It’s clean, enjoyable, and without the sleazy underbelly that characterizes so many other dating affiliate services. It effectively mainstreams dating by emphasizing ‘professional advise’ and resolving real-world problems. Dating Advice gets most of its money by directing individuals to dating websites like Match, eHarmony, etc. Its recommended sites have a healthy, mainstream image corresponding to their target demographics.


50em guides readers through the process of selecting between two of the most popular automation systems on the market: Ontraport and InfusionSoft.
These solutions cost hundreds of dollars every month and represent a significant investment for any marketer. 50em simplifies the choosing process and generates money by providing ultra-focused, hyper-targeted content. This is the type of website that any AH reader can create. The website is essentially a master class on producing high-value, high-impact product reviews. 50em’s revenue technique is based on affiliate commissions. InfusionSoft and Ontraport are both costly tools. Since InfusionSoft starts at $199/month and Ontraport begins at $297/month, even a single sale may be highly profitable.

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker departs from the “typical” affiliate website concept. It’s not simply another content site that focuses on “best x” keywords. Instead, they’ve created something with such high value that it practically sells itself. The site’s idea is a tool for those who wish to construct their own computers. If you’ve never built a computer before, the most challenging aspect is nearly always the research. New computer components are continuously being released, so you must select the most recent parts that meet your budget and are also compatible with one another. These issues are addressed by PC Part Picker. It allows you to browse for the latest computer parts depending on performance and affordability, and it automatically cross-references them to ensure compatibility. PC Parts Picker employs a variety of affiliate networks as part of its overall strategy, although Amazon appears to be the source of the majority of its revenue.

The Points Guy

It’s no secret that some of the most popular affiliate sites are in the financial and tourism industries. On the other hand, The Points Guy appears to have cracked social traffic with as much success as they have organic traffic. This website is dedicated to credit cards in travel. It’s about how to take advantage of the rewards that credit card issuers and travel firms provide for certain acts so that you can travel inexpensively or even for free. To that purpose, this website is a superb blend of treating people’s problems and promoting things from which they earn affiliate income.

Compare Accounting

According to, you may make money by generating company leads. This allows you to reach places with no affiliate programmes, even if traffic is low. can help small businesses get the best accounting software for their needs. It’s a simple, niche-focused website that any marketer can build on a low budget.
Compare Accounting showcases what may be accomplished if you pick the right topic and design a solid website. It doesn’t have a social media presence and doesn’t conduct a lot of link building. Before linking the most engaged with accounting tool sales teams, it delivers SMBs critical, relevant advice.


Skyscanner is compensated for driving traffic to the websites of major airlines. They’re a commission-based company. Thus, they’re an affiliate site by definition. Skyscanner isn’t simply a lucrative affiliate site; it’s also a well-known brand. Skyscanner has established a reputation as a “go-to” price comparison service for last-minute flights, employing content marketing efficiently. This website includes information on how to get last-minute/cheap flights and how to reduce your travel expenses to a minimum.
The Skyscanner search form takes centre stage in the content, with the rest of the website serving as a backdrop.

Headphones Addict stands out since it does not appear or feel like a conventional affiliate site. It does this by including both news pieces and product reviews. The principal source of revenue for Headphones Addict is “Top x” type product assessments. They do, however, strive to be more objective than other affiliate sites.
These sites are the next step in affiliate marketing, concentrating on the user experience and money. Another valuable element of is that it considers how durable particular headphones are and divides them into subcategories.

Dog Food Advisor

Although will never win any design awards, it attracts over 500,000 unique visitors every month and ranks for over 146,000 different keywords.
Dog owners are often concerned that they may accidentally injure their best buddy for any reason. Every year poisoned canned or dry food claims the lives of far too many dogs. There is an online resource for previous and current dog food recalls that will assist hundreds of thousands of dog owners.

Lucie’s List

Meg Collins, the site’s founder, had a difficult pregnancy while waiting for her daughter Lucie to come. In response to her pain, Meg set out to build a website and a weekly email newsletter called “Crib Notes” to prevent other new parents from making the same mistakes she did.

Meg’s affiliate site, Lucie’s List, now has 430,000 email subscribers and roughly 240,000 organic visitors each month in only a few short years. Instead of forcing her visitors to utilize a search box or hope to discover the page they need, they can click on ‘Registry.’ Then select the issue that interests them the most. They’ll be taken right to the material or product they’re looking for.


Snapsort seems at first glance to be one of those ubiquitous Made for AdSense sites from around 2008. However, after a few seconds of browsing, you realize this is a hyper-relevant, data-driven site for both photography pros and amateurs.

Choosing a good camera might be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s far more difficult if you only have a foggy idea of what you will accomplish with the camera. Snapsort fixes all of your problems with a few mouse clicks.

Underneath the arrogant exterior is a smidgeon of affiliate marketing genius. The “Discover a digital camera” function is prominently shown on the Snapsort site. No more sifting through dozens of product reviews. With only three clicks, you’ll be sent to a list of cameras that fit your requirements.

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