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How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

Blogging can be a profitable way to make money. If you are devoted to and skilled at blogging (plus all the strategy that goes behind making money from it), you can even make a full-time living from it. For the newbie and occasional blogger, however, the idea of making thousands of dollars from blogging may seem ridiculous. But let’s state one basic fact right now. You can make money from blogging. And with some useful tips, you can set your blog on its way to increasing its revenue slowly but surely.

Blog, blog, blog.

Bloggers can tell you of the regrets they have for not putting diligence into posting fresh and updated content. Your popularity and revenue depend upon it. Google can’t bring visitors to your site if there’s no content to land them on. So make it a habit to put out a fresh blog post at least weekly.


Ads are a basic feature in many service providers, even for free accounts. Like with Blogger. It offers you Adsense to monetize your blog. New accounts will have to establish their site first but after some time, you can put Adsense to work on your site. With Adsense, a blogger will get paid to show ads or get clicks on ads.

Affiliate income.

Promoting the products and services of businesses on your blog is an effortless way to make money. Register for affiliate links under legitimate companies. Why not partner with companies whose products and services you already use? You get money for any sale they make through your site and network connections.

Sell, sell, sell.

If you have products and services to sell, a blog is a great promotional tool for them. Learn creative writing skills to publish information about all your offerings and fill your blog with interesting content that will make visitors return to browse some more. Many bloggers can attest to the fact that own products tend to generate more revenue over affiliate marketing efforts. So why not promote both: their products alongside yours?

Utilize backlinks.

Backlinks have some correlation with revenue. With link building, you put your content on other sites, establishing a reputation and gaining visits in the process. Pitch your blog content to other sites that have legitimacy and relevance to the content that you produce. That way, their visitors will find interest in visiting your site.

Build social media accounts.

Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms can increase exposure and sales (if you have products or services) for your blog. The increase in Twitter followers and the like would likewise increase your blog’s engaged audience. This helps generate repeat visits, product buyers, and ad clicks because an engaged audience will likely follow your blog regularly. Just remember to connect your site and other accounts and promote your blog content on your social media accounts.

Try podcasting.

Podcasting is a fairly new platform but has already proven itself to be a moneymaking endeavor. With good content quality and worthy figures as guests, your podcast can widen your reach and connections plus increase traffic to your site and help solidify your brand to the public. Be passionate and creative with your podcasts and you may even land sponsorships plus get free advertising on other sites and podcasts.

Be relevant.

Aim for quality content. It is more profitable than lots of content that bear no relevance and usefulness. Produce content that people will want to read because they need to hear what you’ve shared. Put time into the crafting of each blog post because all good things really take time.

Study your particular audience.

From other bloggers’ experiences, a single targeted audience is better at generating money from blogging. You need to deliver content, products, and services that will capture or serve your audience. That is the way to bring the right traffic in and that’s the way your product and service will find the right market.


When one product doesn’t sell, consider diversifying. You can do this on a small scale. Test the market first. Observe which are more saleable. The same applies to content. By making use of blogging tools, you can ascertain which content is attractive to the public and which content is not.


Blogs that provide better visuals and a comely layout attract more traffic. Photography adds credibility. It adds sophistication to your blog. Don’t be one dimensional and don’t be monotonous. Spice things up and keep piquing the interest of your followers and readers.


The trend of blogging today is to communicate on a basic and simple level of communication. Gone are the days when people impress by speaking numerous jargons and high-sounding words. Be overly technical and your blog visitor may quickly close the tab out of boredom or confusion. Be too scholarly and your audience may feel a disconnect, and eventually drop out of your site for good.

Use long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are target specific and enable you to rank highly in search engines. With specific phrases of keywords, you get qualified visitors that are more likely to purchase your product or subscribe to your blog. For example, if you are a “shoes” blogger, don’t just use “shoes” for a keyword. Be more specific. Try long-tail keywords like “shoes for women”, “shoes for men”, “high heeled shoes for women”, etc..

Decide your niche and focus on one topic.

Mixing things up is good to keep your blog interesting but there must be harmony and relevance among your content. Know your niche and dwell on it. Build a solid blog around an exclusive group of keywords. This helps you rank well in search engines.


When you’ve produced a significant amount of content for your main thrust, you can then decide about maintaining a second blog. More blogs under one Adsense account mean more revenue generating pages for you. Maintaining a separate blog for different niches or topics is more strategic as opposed to mixing all your varying contents in one blog. This helps you make more money from blogging.

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