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Tips For Getting More Online Reviews For Your Business

Tips For Getting More Online Reviews For Your Business

Tips For Getting More Online Reviews For Your Business

Getting reviews online is not always easy and it is hard to compete with businesses who have hundreds and even thousands of online reviews. It is important for all businesses to have reviews because people generally check to see what kind of reviews that an item has before they even consider making a purchase.

Tips to Get More Reviews

If you are having a hard time finding people to review your product, then it is time to learn some great tips on how to get more online reviews. We all know that people love to read reviews before they buy something, so find a way to create an environment that makes people desire to leave reviews on your page!


Email subscribers can make a world of difference for small businesses and getting reviews. If you have a list of email subscribers, take time to send out an email and ask them to leave reviews on your site and more than likely, they will happily do it.

If you are looking to start an email subscriber list, sign up with email marketing software and add some type of notification to your page to encourage people to join your email list. People who have placed orders from your website are great people to add to your subscription list.

Use an email campaign to send an online review email to people who place an order so that the review site will automatically pop up and it will be easy for them to leave a review. When a customer makes a purchase on your site, make sure to send out an email with a online review so that the product will still be new in the customers mind.

Seek Reviews

There are many ways to get reviews other than sending out emails. One way is to ask people who purchase from your online business to leave a review. This works, especially if you have a physical business. Even though asking will probably work, there are more creative ways to ask for reviews. Use a sticker on your business window or on your car that asks people to review your products. You never know how easy and fast this could work.

Using a sign on your table at your business can evoke interest in placing an online review. Receipts are great for printing a message at the bottom asking them to go online and complete an online review. People are usually happy to help, sometimes it is just a matter of being reminded. Another great way is to print it on your business card. When the business cards are handed out, people may decide to pop online and leave a review.

Remember to point out your online site to customers that shop at your local business. Some customers may not even realize that you have an online site, by advertising that you are hoping for more online reviews, you might reach life long and new customers.

Reply, Reply, Reply

People love to know that you are listening to their opinions. Be sure to respond to each and every review, good or bad, that is posted on your site. If a customer has had a bad experience, try to figure out a way to make it right. Responding to your reviews will show other customers that you care and that you are active in the business.

Many researchers have proved that responding to customer reviews can help the business to have a better overall rating. Remember, responding to both negative and positive reviews can make a huge impact on the relationship with your customers.

Share Good Reviews

Share reviews that have been given a good rating on your site. People that see that reviews are being written may be enticed to do the same. Share the best reviews on different social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, even sharing pictures of the product that was purchased could be a big help.

Sharing these great reviews not only can get more people to review your page, but it also helps you to advertise your business and can help you gain more customers.

Remember the Customer

Customer service is the quickest ways to get reviews, both good or bad. If you are looking for a way to get better and even great reviews, remember the customer. Going above and beyond for a customer is the quickest way to generate a great review. People seem to forget okay service or good service, but everyone seems to remember when a business goes above and beyond for them. Having an amazing experience will get a good review faster than anything.

Make sure that you show your customers the greatest respect, send out thank you notes, remember names, apologize if something goes wrong and offer some kind of help when things do not go the way the customer expected to go. Customers will remember the treatment that they received, and this can be a fast way for some excellent, 5-star reviews!

All Good

Following all of the great tips above can make a difference for your business. People will line up to write great things about you and they will be happy to be a customer. A happy customer is a happy business. Remember to thank your customers for all of their reviews and for making your business what you hoped that it would be! Being polite and thankful will always bring back customers.

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