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Learn How To Lower Your Bounce Rate

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate?

How To Lower Your Bounce Rate?

A lower bounce rate is universally a good metric for most sites. If you’re a website owner, there are certain pages on your website that should have a low bounce rate. To achieve this, you need to improve the user experience and your content to retain user attention. Bounce rates are used to measure how a certain website or a webpage can retain its viewers. This is the rate of visitors who browsed only one page before leaving. Its number can mean a lot of things and is usually one of the indications that your site needs a bit of revamping.

What Is Considered A Good Bounce Rate?

As a general rule, sites with a lower bounce rate perform better than their competitors. It means that they can retain their reader’s attention, and possibly, avail themselves of services or products. As long as your bounce rate stays under 60%, your website or webpage is performing well. Rates under 20% are likely due to tracking errors from your behavior report plugin.
You must also consider if your website is a blog or something else. Blogs often have a high bounce rate because readers are often in “research mode.” But if you sell products or services, a low bounce rate means that your visitors are likely browsing your website for possible purchase.

5 Ways To Lower Your Bounce Rate

Make Your Website Easier To Use

Your website’s design can give visitors a lasting impression. Bad impressions are to be avoided if you want people to come back. Providing a better user experience should be a major focus if you want to lower your bounce rate. One of the best ways to do so is to create a usable website for all platforms. Ensure that your page load time is short, and link placements are intuitive. Make sure that all features of the website are polished and blazing fast. Nobody wants to browse a laggy and non-functional website.

Optimize And Use Engaging Videos And Images

Internet users hate reading a huge chunk of text. Fortunately, you can add media that can spice up your content, such as videos, sounds, and images. Videos are great persuasion tools if used correctly, and high-quality images add a level of professionalism to your site’s appearance. If used properly, images can make your call to action appear with more authority. However, do remember that excessive use of this multimedia is not advised. If you have tons of videos, images, or sounds that don’t improve the content, these materials will just clutter the page. There are different ways to make your media engaging without being pesky.

Formatting Is The Key

As mentioned before, nobody likes to read a chunk of text peppered with unnecessary links, pictures, or videos. Use a good text structure and make sure to break your text into bite-size pieces. Remember to only use links when necessary, and add headings if your post is lengthy. Add bullet lists or numbered lists when giving a lot of examples. The purpose of formatting your content is to make it easier for the readers to absorb your content. Use a good font like Futura, Ambit, or Open Sans to make your content readable. Be mindful of color contrasts too. Avoid using light font color in a light background.

Use A Clear Call To Action

Call to action encourages your viewers to go on another link within your website. The placement of these words will either encourage your viewers to click on the link or just ignore it. Avoid using too many call-to-action links because it will likely confuse the user as to where to click. A clear and honest button will work better than a vague one.

Try Experimenting With Your Landing Pages

What if your call-to-action or your headline is not working? The answer to this dilemma is to make a different approach. Do an A/B Testing and targeted landing pages and see what works the best.
A/B Testing is a method in which you show two different variants of the same web page to different visitors. This way, you can see what variant will work best before making any big changes.
To make the A/B Testing effective, be mindful of your viewers and create better landing pages. For example, you can deploy a landing page based on the user’s location (at their own language, currency, etc.)

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