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10 Helpful Discord Bots To Use Online

10 Helpful Discord Bots To Use Online

10 Helpful Discord Bots To Use Online

If you have ever used Discord, you’ve likely heard of Discord bots before. Because of their AI power, Discord bots help you perform many actions, such as welcoming new members. Discard bots may be great for you if you want to engage your community in a fun and interesting way.

Discord Bots: What Are They?

Discord bots are AI-powered tools used for communication purposes. Marketers and business owners use them to perform automated tasks on their servers. Since building an online community is tough, you want to create a feeling of exclusivity, and Discord is one of the best ways to do this.

The whole purpose of a Discord bot is to engage your online community. With a Discord bot, you can host lives, offer tips, record videos, and teach people things you want them to know.
Because of these features, Discord bots often make your users feel like they’re getting something they can’t find anywhere else. This makes your users more willing to pay for the information and share it with others.

Still, knowing which Discord bots to select is key. The right bots enhance your server, which provides a better community and encourages users to engage with you. The wrong bots, however, can turn users away.

Adding A Bot

To add a bot, simply search whichever bot you want from an online list or Google. Then, add the bot by clicking the add button or looking for the invite. Select the server you want the bot to be added to. You should be able to use the bot as soon as it is done uploading.

10 Helpful Discord Bots To Use Online

If you want to market on Discord, you must select the right bot. Here are the 10 most helpful Discord bots to use online.


MEE6 is easily the most comprehensive bot. It allows you to create custom commands that tell users their role and sends messages. You can also set up welcome messages. The best feature of MEE6 is how much customization you can use through the commands. For example, you can easily kick someone off your server if they promote ads, spam, or anything else unwanted.


ProBot is the best bot to select if you want to create welcome messages. Every time someone joins your server, the bot greets them with a customizable message. ProBot also helps you detect bad behavior and kick him out of the server if need be. The best feature about ProBot is that it has an uptime of 99.99%, meaning you rarely have to worry about the bot going down.

Dank Memer

Create a fun and engaged community with Dank Memer. Dank Memer allows you to use quite a few commands while still creating a relaxed and fun environment. If your community is humor-based, Dank Memer certainly is the right bot for you.

Community Hubs Beta

Community Hubs Beta makes it easier to communicate across different servers and platforms. In other words, it connects your Discord channel with hub rooms, allowing you to share more information between the spaces. If you need to bring communities together, this may be a great bot to use. For example, it will allow you to live stream to both sites when the subject matter is relevant.


If you need to set yourself apart from the competition, you can use the Discord bot Voicy. Voicy has a thorough library of over 50,000 sound clips. This allows you to create an experience that is entertaining and more enjoyable, encouraging your users to come back.


Spixx may be a great bot for you if you want to create an enjoyable and niche community. It lets you use commands for things like music, games, and memes. This allows you to indirectly market without your audience ever realizing it.


Musibeth lets you play YouTube directly to Discord. This makes it easier to share videos with your users. You can even use it to promote your own YouTube channel. This Discord bot also allows you to set up automatic commands, such as videos for FAQs, helping you save time dramatically.


If you need to paraphrase something that someone else has said, Quillbot can help you do it easily and quickly. You can also use this Discord bot to modify sentences. All around, this bot is helpful if you interview people frequently or need to create fresh content based on something you wrote earlier.

Giveaway Bot

As the name suggests, Giveaway Bot is an awesome option if you want an easy way to shower your community with giveaways. It makes the giveaway simple and easy to follow. It also makes the process easier for you by helping you pick a winner and more. is not a specific bot, but it is a tool to help you find additional bots. This tool includes a comprehensive list of bots made by just about anyone on the planet. Review the bot carefully before using it yourself.


Discord bots are a unique and powerful way to enhance your digital marketing strategy. Since Discord is growing so rapidly, there are a variety of bots you can select, with some being better than others. Any of the bots we recommended above are reliable and helpful for a variety of different online marketing purposes.

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