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How to Increase Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority

Wondering how you can increase your site’s domain authority? Like others, you probably want your content to rank in Google’s top spot, or at least on the first page. Although Google’s algorithm uses 200 different factors to rank content, domain authority is in that list. Let’s look at what domain authority means and ways you can increase yours.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority scores rank from 1 to 100. Higher scores mean your content is more likely to sustain search engine page results or SERPS. In layman’s terms, that means your page stands a higher chance of being at the top of Google’s search results. That means if you produce content on cellphone batteries and someone searches for “cellphone batteries” on Google, your page comes up near or at the top. However, domain authority refers to your entire website rather than a single landing page. How well your individual pages rank is called page authority.

Domain Authority Score Meanings

Domain authority scores can range between poor and excellent. High-ranking domains like CNN, Microsoft etc. tend to have excellent scores. Anything below 30 is considered poor.
Between 30 and 40 is below average and between 40 and 50 is an average score. A score between 50 and 60 is good, while a score between 60 and 70 is very good. Anything above 80 is excellent.
You should strive for domain authority scores that are at or above your competitors. Say you’re a major wireless service carrier. Your site’s domain authority should be on par with the other major carrier’s.

But if you’re a regional wireless carrier, comparing yourself to the big four carriers will set you up for disappointment. It’s unrealistic to think that a smaller carrier will reach the ranks of national ones. You should look at the SERPS for direct competitors.

What Goes Into Domain Authority?

You can look up your site in tools like MozRank to see what your domain authority is. However, every tool uses a different algorithm. Some tools put more emphasis on backlinks and the quality of the sites that use your links.

The number of unique backlinks can also be part of the equation. Some sites have multiple backlinks to the same site or content producer. But if there are various sites linking back to your content and site, you’re likely to get a higher score.

Backlinks are when someone else uses your site or content as a reference. Sometimes links can just refer back to your site or use it as an example.

How Can I Increase My Site’s Domain Authority?

One way to increase domain authority is to gain high-quality backlinks. You can look for opportunities based on which sites currently link back to you. Find similar sites and ask them for a linked mention.

But first, you’ve got to have good content. It’s got to be information that’s helpful and others find worthy of reading. The higher quality content you have, the more other sites will link to it as a reference or mention.

You should also audit your site and remove any links that aren’t working. These include 404 and not found error messages. Either find the updated link or revise your content. You can also make your site more user-friendly and readable. Make sure it’s optimized for mobile and look for opportunities to link to other internal pages.

Final Thoughts

Domain authority is the likelihood your site will show up in Google’s top search results for certain keywords and keyword phrases. You can build and increase domain authority by increasing quality backlinks, helpful content, and user experience.

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