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Guide on How To Do Online Marketing For Free

How To Do Online Marketing For Free

The Web is an amazing place for entrepreneurs. While there’s no doubt that the e-commerce milieu is now more competitive than ever before, the range of free marketing tools that are currently available give every entrepreneur a fighting chance to hit the target with consumers. If you want to get more from internet marketing, you’ll appreciate our no-nonsense guide. We’re here to share free online marketing tips which the smartest, savviest “webpreneurs” use to make their marks … and make plenty of cold, hard cash!

Do a Deep Dive Into Social Media

Right now, your online marketing efforts may extend to maintaining a Facebook page for your business. This is helpful, but it just scratches the surface. There is so much more that you may do in order to generate new sales leads, strengthen brand awareness and retain the loyalty of existing customers.

If you’re already using a Facebook page to promote, do a deeper dive by adding Facebook Live videos to your Facebook marketing initiatives. Facebook Live videos should take viewers behind the scenes at your company or at a special event which relates to your niche. When you provide Facebook Live videos which take viewers into your world, or into the world of your industry, you’ll spark so much engagement and interest.

Entrepreneurs are getting wonderful results with Facebook Live, so why not try it today?

The top three social media platforms are Facebook (2 billion users), YouTube (1.5 billion users) and Twitter (328 million users). Instagram comes in at number four and is extremely popular with the teenage demographic. If you’re interested in getting sales in the lucrative Chinese market, you may want to promote at WeChat, which is hugely popular with Chinese residents.

Most ambitious entrepreneurs cross-promote across the top three platforms, at least. All of the big social media networks offer paid ad options, so it’s possible to reach a wider audience if you do decide to spend money. However, you will be able to gain leverage through careful and skillful social media promotion, whether you spend money on social media ads or not.

Post often at these platforms. Make sure that posts reflect the values of your company. Engage by celebrating others while using social media. Liaise with influencers who have sway in your niche. When you play the social media game properly, you’ll get reciprocation and this means new followers, likes, shares, comments and retweets.

All of these forms of engagement will boost your brand, draw in new sales leads, drive traffic to your website and spark conversions.


Do-it-yourself SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to improve search engine rankings. If you’re not up on SEO, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to rank higher for your relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are the keywords that people utilize while searching for your company (or companies like yours) in Google, Bing and all of the other search engines.

Good search engines rankings means more Web traffic. More Web traffic usually translates to more conversions. Search engine rankings are very important.

So, how to optimize without paying an SEO expert to do it for you? Well, there are countless tips out there online. It’s possible to become an SEO expert just by reading for an hour or so and then putting tips from authority resources into action! However, it generally starts with effective website optimization.

Your website is the jewel in your web marketing crown. You may optimize it by adding certain features to WordPress, including Image Tags that describe your pictures, Meta Tags which summarize your content and a mixture of internal and external links. Add keywords, too, but don’t “keyword stuff”. Be aware that Google and other search engine have cracked down on keyword stuffing and other “black hat” forms of search engine optimization.

Other tips which anyone can quickly implement, regardless of their SEO skill level, including choosing the right domain, adding long-tail keywords, writing descriptions and titles which are unique, making the website friendly to all mobile devices (it should display well and function well on all hardware) and getting listed in online local business directories.

The biggest directories of this type are Google My Business, Bing Places for Business and Yahoo Local Listings. Local SEO is for businesses which have retail outlets. Don’t worry about it if you sell exclusively online.

Try Our Helpful Tips Today

Using the tips that we’ve just shared will make a huge difference. Also, we encourage you to keep learning. We already talked about doing a “deep dive” into social media. You may do the same with SEO. The deeper your understanding gets, the more you’ll be able to use what you learn in order to push your business forward. The smartest entrepreneurs know that they have to keep their fingers on the pulse of trends in Web marketing and then change with the times. You can do it too, and you should.

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