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How to Change Your Facebook Page Name, How to Change Your Name On FB

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

When you launch your Facebook business page, you may be ready to take on the social media storm. But, as we know, things change! Perhaps your company has decided to rebrand, or you want to adjust your name. Luckily, there’s a way to keep your existing audience and change your name without having to launch a new Facebook business page.

How do I change my name on Facebook in 2021?

In order you change your Facebook page name, you will need to be an administrator of the page. You can check your page role by going to the settings and clicking on the Page Roles section.
When you’re on your Facebook business page, you’ll want to find the Edit Page section. It will be located under the Manage Page menu on the left-hand side of the page if you’re on a desktop. It will be located across the top navigation if you’re on mobile.

The first option on the Edit Page section will be your page name. Enter the new name of your page, and it will let you know if it’s available. Once you’re sure it’s right, click Request Change.
Facebook will notify you of how long the change could potentially take, but typically it’s only a few minutes if the change is minor. It can take up to 7 days, so don’t fret if it’s a little longer.

how to change the name of a page on facebook

Facebook just wants to ensure that the platform is being used properly according to their terms of service, that the name represents your business, and that it’s available to use. There are some rules that Facebook has when it comes to changing your page name. Your name should follow the Community Standards. It should also be grammatically correct. It should not include anything abusive or violating someone else’s rights, the word official, a slogan, or the name Facebook.

Your Facebook Page name should represent your business and not just be the product you sell. For example, if you sell tee shirts, your Facebook page name wouldn’t just be “Tee Shirts.” However, if your business name includes the word tee shirts, you’re fine to use that as long as it’s available.

If your Facebook name change is part of a brand refresh or revamp, make sure you update your username @ and make a post about it to let your followers know who you are!

What do I do if it’s not letting me change my Facebook page name?

There are a few reasons why your Facebook page name change might not be approved immediately. If you’re not an administrator of the page, you cannot submit a request. As an editor, moderator, advertiser, or analyst, you won’t have the proper permission to request a name change.

Suppose there was an error in the name change request you submitted. You won’t be able to submit another request right away, as there is a minimum amount of time required by Facebook between requests.

Suppose neither of these is a factor in your name change on Facebook. In that case, you may have restrictions on your page if you’ve recently shared misleading content or your name is inappropriate.

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