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Why SEO is an Ongoing Process and Not a One-Time Thing

Why SEO is an Ongoing Process and Not a One-Time Thing

Why SEO is an Ongoing Process and Not a One-Time Thing

Most marketers make a big mistake thinking SEO is a one-time thing in their quest to achieving a high ranking spot on Google. Yes, the short-term strategies might work wonders for a while, but if you really want to achieve great SEO success online, your strategies have to be long-term. Let us tell you why.

The algorithms of search engines keep changing constantly

Why does this happen? One might ask. Google updates its algorithm at least 550 to 600 times a year. Google works relentlessly to constantly change the ranking algorithm to create a leveled playing field for every player and provide better search results for the users.

Today, your website might be ranking among the top. A few days down the line, you are no longer on the first page due to an algorithm change. Due to this reason, there is the need to engage an SEO expert long-term to constantly help your website maintain a higher ranking despite the constant algorithm changes.

Great SEO campaigns require a regular update of quality content

Content is king in the online world. It is a vital element in any digital marketing campaign. A regular update of quality content is essential to achieving great results in any marketing campaign online. Google in a recent algorithm update mentioned that a lot of emphasis will now be put in websites that deliver both fresh and quality content. Just as food expires after a few days, content also gets irrelevant after certain period of time.

Content should be both engaging and appealing to the readers. When done well, content should have a profound impact on the overall success of your SEO campaign. A long-term SEO strategy is key to achieving this success.

You have to maintain your link building

We all know how important backlinks are when running SEO campaign. Link building, just like on-page SEO, is part of a foundation of any SEO strategy. Without maintaining your existing backlinks and getting a consistent supply of quality, one-way links pointing back to your website you won’t stay on the 1st page for long.

Competition from other SEO Experts

Just like any other profession, SEO experts find competition from their fellow experts. Your competitor probably experiences the same thought process as you do in terms of the SEO marketing strategies your business deploys.

Due to this reason, we usually find millions of websites on the web that are constantly competing for those top-few spots of the search engine results page.

Investing in a long-term SEO practice can help your business mitigate some of the risks associated with the downgrading of ranking positions and help the business have a continuous top-ranking position.

The online marketing sphere is constantly evolving

Online marketing is constantly evolving. Strategies that worked for your marketing campaign in the previous years might not work for your business now. A good example would be the rise of laptops and desktops a few years ago. Yes, those gadgets were popular for a while, and then gradually, the use of mobile phones rose. This changed the game.

Users are now engaging more in social media and emails using their mobile phones. This creates a need for websites to be built to be responsive so that users can access them easily. This wasn’t necessary a few years ago.

Google mentioned that speed and responsiveness of websites will become a ranking factor within their search engine. This is huge.
Business owners should have a long-term SEO program if they really want their businesses to keep up with the current trends and the constant evolving digital marketing space.

SEO can never be a one-time event. It is both a long-term and a continuous process that needs to be maintained in order for your business to be able to achieve better results on the search engine results page. Your SEO expert needs to be constantly up to date as your competition never sleeps.

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