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Find Out What are the Best Internet Marketing Forums for Beginners

What are the Best Internet Marketing Forums for Beginners?

What are the Best Internet Marketing Forums for Beginners?

What are the Best Internet Marketing Forums for Beginners?

Sometimes, you might want to find people who are interested in the same niche as you, such as internet marketing or SEO related stuff. Now, you can easily find plenty of sites that can help you with everything related to internet marketing. For instance, you have LinkedIn or even Twitter. However, in order to find people that share the same interests, you might want to dig in a little deeper!

Forums are a great way to interact with like-minded people, especially when it comes to internet marketing. Through forums, you can easily get any of your doubts solved regarding internet marketing, SEO, and link building too! You can also get some recognition and promote your blogs there. So, let’s see some of the best internet marketing forums across the Internet.

Best Forums For Internet Marketing

If you’re specifically looking out for forums that discuss internet marketing related stuff, then consider the below ones:

Warrior Forum

One of the best forums for any internet marketing newbie is the warrior forum. It is also one of the most popular ones! On this forum, you can easily share your experience, promote your blogs, and learn about many things. In fact, you get to learn about the newest and the best marketing tools. Moreover, you also get to know whether these tools are efficient or not with the help of the feedback provided by the users on there. If you want more exclusivity, Warrior Forum also offers War Room, a type of premium service for around $37. Here, you can easily get any of your questions answered by marketing experts!

PPV Playbook

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks for a subscription (around $67), then PPV Playbook is definitely a great option to consider!
One of the best and the most unique features of this forum is that it offers case studies. These case studies consist of stories of success that can help you learn quite a lot and stay motivated.
Additionally, this site also has other things to offer like detailed webinars and other tips/lessons for internet marketing.
Trust me, it is definitely worth getting due to the plenty of benefits it offers.


If you are not a beginner and looking for a forum for advanced internet marketing, then WickedFire is certainly your best bet.
So, you can also try following both forums – WickedFire and Warrior Forum to stay in the loop of the latest things happening in the internet marketing industry.

Best Forums For SEO-Related Talks

For any internet marketing enthusiast, having knowledge about SEO is definitely a must. So, if you wish to talk and discuss more concepts related to SEO, consider the below forums.

SEOChat Forum

There’s no doubt that the SEOChat forum is simply one of the most interactive and the best ones out there for SEO-lovers.
In this forum, you can find everything from informative threads to a helpful community that can assist you with any SEO-related queries that you have.


Basic SEO is fine but if you are interested in knowing more about black or white hat SEO, then trust me, BlackHatWorld is your savior!
Now, black hat SEO might not be ethical but knowing some stuff and additional tips about it can definitely save you from getting scammed!

Search Engine Watch

If you’re interested in knowing everything about search engines, right from the search engine marketing tips to searching techniques, then go for this forum.
You can certainly learn a lot about anything related to search on this forum!

High Rankings

High Rankings is yet another excellent forum if you wish to know more about the different tips and tricks for SEO, resources for SEO, as well as link building!
One admirable thing about this forum is that the answers to various threads are extremely detailed and helpful. Moreover, the forum design is quite excellent too. The only con on this site is that it doesn’t offer the feature of sorting posts depending on the most views/replies.
So, these are some of the most amazing forums. Some other great forums include MyBlogGuest (specifically for guest-posting-related threads), and Traffic Planet.

Benefits of Using Forums for Internet Marketing

Forums are essential for gaining knowledge related to both Internet marketing and SEO-related stuff. However, you can also use forums to get some more benefits such as:

Getting Recognized

If you have enough knowledge or even some when it comes to internet marketing and SEO, you can always give detailed and informative answers on forums.
This way the users will trust you and would want to know more about your blogs as well as social media handles.

Get Traffic on Blogs

Once you have earned the trust of the forum users, they’ll want to visit your blogs. Thus, giving you traffic in exchange for your useful answers!

Build Links

If you’re into link building for your blogs, then forums are an unusually helpful place to do so.
Here’s what you can do: Whenever you see any question and feel that you have a blog post written specifically for that, you can ask them to check it out. This way you’re answering the question and promoting your blog posts too!
Final Thoughts: Which Internet Marketing Forum Is the Best?
To conclude, there are quite a lot of forums I’ve named above. For internet marketing, Warrior Forum, WickedFire, and PPV Playbook are certainly recommended! Similarly, SEOChat and High Rankings are excellent for SEO-related threads.
So, you might want to check out these forums for yourself and find out your favorite one amongst them!

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