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Best Features of Website Visitor Tracking Software

The Best Features For Website Visitor Tracking Software

The Best Features For Website Visitor Tracking Software

Without concrete, straightforward data, measuring the success of your website will prove to be very difficult indeed. You need to know who is visiting your site, the specific pieces of content they are engaging with, and how they came to find you to begin with.

Those are just a few examples of the information that can help you to define current marketing goals and future content. Website tracking software can provide you with all of these details, but without infringing on the privacy rights of your visitors.

Software designed to provide comprehensive insight into visitor behaviors and actions exists from a variety of companies. The challenge on your end is to figure out which features will best meet your needs.

Top 5 Features You Should Demand From Web Visitor Tracking Products

The best tracking software will give you the essentials on your visitors. Where did they spend the most time? Did they find you through a social media post? Did they discover you on a Google search through SEO? This information can show you which aspects of your site are working best, which parts need to be retooled, and even elements that are perhaps best abandoned.

Here are the 5 most important features to regard with tracking software for website visitors:

1. Data that is not only categorized, but delivered to you in real-time: Any software worth your time and money will not only give you the data you want, but will give you categories to break the data down as you see fit. Furthermore, you should be able to demand all of this in real time.

2. Data that connects you to the most viable leads: By combining the journey of your buyers with your specific criteria for a high-quality lead, you can figure out which buyers are the ones that need the lion’s share of your attention. Viable website visitor tracking software can prioritize information to give you a clearer idea of your most crucial leads for success. You’re arming your sales data team with not only a powerhouse of information, but an element of control over their resources and strategies, as well.

3. Data that points to where everyone is coming from: Tracking data also allows you to shift your energy from on-site conversion strategies to how to best get people to your site. Knowing where your visitors come from, whether it’s Google, someone else’s blog post, or via one of the top social media websites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on), offers you a great deal. You can craft specific goals around getting more visitors from each of these channels. You will also be able to open up your potential with different, similar keywords.

4. Data that comes with an extremely useful CRM tool: Not only should this software be able to gather and organize data specific to your business and website in real time, but it should also come with a range of additional management tools. From adding details for clients, to keeping track of your meetings and appointments, you deserve a CRM tool that streamlines your inner workings to an exceptional degree.

5. Data that allows you to build a veritable client wishlist: Who do you want most of all, when it comes to ideal customers? No doubt, you can answer this question with ease. Good software is going to not only let you create and upload such a list, but it will also let you know when those dream picks are actually visiting your website.

The Clear Benefits Of Website Visitor Tracking

With these web visitor tracking features in your corner, it should be easy to see how you can take your website and your business to the next plateau.

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