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8 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Avoid Blogspot In 2021

8 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Avoid Blogspot In 2021

8 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Avoid Blogspot In 2021

Who said that blogging is not relevant in 2021? Blogs are still one of the most visited pages on the Internet, with over 20 billion blog pages visited monthly. Almost 53% of online marketers use blogging as one of the leading marketing methods. That’s why even in 2021, people are still adding blogging to reach more audiences. However, if you’re an aspiring blogger, you might want to avoid starting your blogging journey with Blogspot. Its free service is still an excellent tool for people who like to make a personal blog. But if you want to grow your brand and get more opportunities, it might be better to use your website. Here are eight reasons why Blogspot is not worth it for bloggers in 2021.

8 Big Reasons To Avoid Blogspot

You Don’t Own The Domain

When the Internet is in its early days, it was common to see websites that use a Blogspot subdomain. Using and building a website with Blogspot is easy. You don’t have to pay for your domain to set the website up and running. However, in the current Internet trend, websites with their domains are seen as more legitimate and trusted. Owning your domain is the best option if you’re going to take blogging seriously and in the long-term.

Blogspot Is Not Google-Friendly

Google is the main provider of free Blogspot pages (or officially called Google Blogger.) It is free for all Google accounts, and it offers a robust CMS. Ironically, Blogspot pages do not receive any preferential treatment from their parent company.
Unless a Blogspot is about a trendy topic or SEO is applied, a Blogspot rarely ranks in the Google search. Google doesn’t include the CMS used in a website to rank it on its index.

Backlink And Website Authority

Backlinks work like magic. These tiny links help a lot in building value for your website. However, most bloggers are not willing to make a backlink from a site with a .blogspot subdomain. Creating a blog using Blogspot is easy. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why serious bloggers avoid it like the plague. It attracted good users, as well as bad ones. Internet users tend not to take Blogspot pages seriously, which can damage website authority. Hence, building a website authority using this free CMS might not work in your favor in the long run.

Blogspot Can Remove Your Content

Creating a Blog is not an easy task. Every successful blogger has poured hundreds of their hours into making their blogs successful. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to deliver the best content to your readers. Unfortunately, your Blog is not your property. Once you made content in Blogspot, is the rightful owner. Even if you made all the content, Blogger could terminate your website if it sees this option as appropriate action. To keep your blogsite up, you need to follow Blogspot’s terms and conditions. This is not a problem when you own the domain that hosts your site.

Monetization Problems

Monetization is very restrictive in Blogspots. Your site needs AdSense to get monetization. And the products or services that you can partner up via AdSense are pretty limited. If you don’t have access to other monetization methods like affiliate marketing, it might be better to forget monetizing your Blogspot. Additionally, Blogspot pages don’t drive a lot of traffic. Advertising using a Blogspot might not be as profitable as the alternate options. If you want to earn money from blogging, it is better to take your effort to a more profitable venture.


URLs that use the Blogspot subdomain are notorious for attracting spam comments. The reason for this spam galore on Blogspot sites is artificial link building. People who want to create backlinks will create free Blogspot blogs. These blogs don’t have any purpose other than adding the link to their actual website. This spam problem is one of the reasons why serious bloggers avoid using Blogspot.

Limited Capability For Aesthetic Decisions

Customizing websites in Blogspot is quite a nightmare. Unlike other blogging services like WordPress, BlogSpot doesn’t offer tools for themes and customizations. What you can do within a few clicks in a WordPress site needs a lot of workaround in Blogger. Unfortunately, it’s quite tricky to make a Blogger site look the way you want it to.

Moving To A Custom Domain Is Difficult

And last but not least, once you decided to move into a custom domain, you need to do workarounds to move your content with you. This experience is not a pleasant one for users who doesn’t have any site migrations or web development experience. You can avoid this problem by spending a few bucks and getting your own domain.

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