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Proven Tactics To Increase Traffic To Your Blog, Get More Traffic For Blogs

13 Proven Tactics To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Proven Tactics To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Are you one of those people who is on a constant quest to get more traffic for their blog? Read a ton of guides but aren’t seeing any change in the number of visitors to your website? You aren’t alone. Plenty of websites are struggling to gain traffic. The difference with you? You are opting to do something about it.

Here are 13 techniques that have been proven to work. Put these into action and you should be able to see a boost in the number of hits your website is getting.

Write content people are searching for

If you want people on your website, then you need to give them the content that they want. Each and every day, people are using search engines to find content in your niche. Write this content.

If you want a high, but short-term, traffic boost then you will want to look into producing news articles or trending topics. This may allow you to gain the first couple of positions in the search results if you are quick off the mark.

Of course, you will also want to create content for the longer-term, even if it is more difficult to rank. You can use a keyword tool, or simply check the ‘autocomplete’ box on Google for a couple of ideas here.

Consider ‘search intent’

When you are creating content, you want content that ranks as highly as possible in the searches. This means relevant content. What does this mean? Well, it means that when you are crafting your content, you will want to think about what people are wanting to know when they type in your selected keyword. The easiest way to know this is to simply Google the keywords you are using. Look at the first results. What are they discussing? This shows you what type of content is relevant.

Create content with ‘depth’

Articles of a couple of hundred words are not going to rank highly in the searches. Instead, you will want to create content that has a bit of depth. Do not be afraid to create content with a few thousand words. Just make sure that it is easy to navigate the content, and break it up with images and a few videos.

The best part about creating content with depth is that as long as it is relevant, it should appear naturally high. You will also have a wealth of longtail keywords mixed up into it.

Create an email list

This isn’t related to the search engines at all. Instead, you will need to make an email list. Encourage visitors to your site to register for your email list. Whenever you post a new article, send a link out to your email list. This is guaranteed visitors. It also helps to build up a loyal fanbase.

Blogger outreach

If you are writing a long-form article, then you are going to be including sources for your information. Why not message these websites? If you tell them that you have given them a mention, then there is a strong chance they will link back to you in the future.

Use internal links

Have you got some pages that are ranking high in the searches? Well, if you put some internal links on them (i.e. linking to other parts of your website), then you will be able to pass some of that link juice along. This means that you will end up with multiple websites ranking highly in the searches.


This will tie into your blogger outreach. Backlinks, particularly relevant backlinks, are the most important element of SEO for ranking highly in the searches. The more quality backlinks you have pointing back to your website, the higher you will appear in the search results. Of course, you will also be able to ‘enjoy’ the traffic coming from the site that posted your link in the first place.

Link building is a process which is going to take you an exceedingly long time, and something that you will never stop doing, but once you see the traffic roll in, you are going to love it!

Use Quora

There are plenty of ‘question and answer’ websites out there. Quora is one of the best of them. Post answers to questions on there. Use your blog as a source. This will give you a decent amount of traffic. This is long-term traffic too. Just make sure that you put the effort into giving decent answers to questions otherwise you won’t see any benefit from Quora.

Look for communities in your niche

There are forums and Facebook groups related to your niche. You should track them down. Share some quality links every so often in these groups. Don’t go overboard. You will get a reputation as a spammer. Just show that you are contributing to the discussion and you should be fine.

Get guest posts on your website

Want some quality content but don’t want to produce it yourself? Get some experts to produce some guest posts for your site. Often, a link back to their website is payment enough. The result for you will be quality content that will rank highly in the search engines.

Create images that can be shared

People love to look at cool graphics. If your niche is good for it, then create these images. Charts of data and ‘how-to’ guides work well. People share them. If they are branded with your site, then you will get a good bit of traffic from it too. This type of content works well on Pinterest and Instagram, but you may also want to look into other social platforms. Reddit is great for this sort of thing too.

Share your content on Reddit

This ties into sharing images and joining communities. Reddit is large enough that it deserves its own section, though. There are millions of people on Reddit, and if you share content with them, there is a huge chance that you will be able to rank highly in the searches. Do make sure that you read the rules for any community you are posting in. Some do not take kindly to link spam.

Run some ads

If you have some money to spend, then you may want to look into running ads. For some less-competitive keywords, it won’t cost that much. Facebook and Google are the best platforms here, but you may want to tinker with other networks to see what works best for your niche.


If you want the best boost to traffic on your website, then you will want to use a combination of these techniques. Work hard, and your website will reap the rewards.

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