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Press Releases - The Perfect Tools for a Good Marketing Campaign

Press Releases – The Perfect Tools for a Good Marketing Campaign

Press Releases – The Perfect Tools for a Good Marketing Campaign

Any company knows that it is very important to be known by the consumers. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if your targeted consumers don’t know that you exist, your business is in jeopardy. Media is a very important tool in getting to be known on the market. Every company has at least one employee who is in charge of press releases.

Why Press Releases?

Nowadays, radio and television stations are exceeded by the Internet. Search engines are at everyone’s reach, and this is the best market to be exploited by a company. The first step for a company to be known is audiovisual campaigns. For 20 seconds or more, an audio or a visual fitting will let the people know that you exist, you are there, on the market, your product is helpful, your company is strong. The problem with these campaigns is that they cost a lot of money. If you go national, you should know that the budget for these actions should be quite a large one. Even if you go local, the budget a company spends is large enough. But, once you are known, the next step comes: to stay in touch with your consumers through press releases. These are the tools that will help you spend less money and make your product known as well.

How to prepare best press release (PR)

Writing press release is not an easy task. There are many things to take into consideration before you submit a press release. For instance, you have to know who it is intended for: consumers, industry peers, financial analysts or media. You have to establish your audience first in order to know exactly what information to include and how to express it.
You should consider a press release when your company has a new product, a new management, a new approach for the costumers, special offers, a new campaign, an open day or a special event not for your company but for the users of your products. In a PR you should announce the news, that exact thing that people need to know about. Don’t waste time on releases that tell nothing, in this way you will have no feedback and your campaign will be compromised.
Submit press releases that anyone can understand. If you can’t have a focus group, ask as many people as you can if they can understand what you are saying in your press release, and change things that are not common to consumers. You need to speak your client’s language, so that they will know exactly what you are selling. Once on the Internet, or on media, you will not be able to change anything and a good product could be harmed by bad PR’s.
Once you have established what you want to say and to whom, you have to choose a time and date for your PR. It is a very important part of your campaign because you need to catch attention. The best time of the day for press release distribution is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and in the first days of the week. Recent poll says that the best day to send a press release is Tuesday.

Distribution of Press Releases

A very important part is the press distribution. In your data base you should have the contact for editors who are interested in your business. They are the first people to be approached. They can understand very well what you are selling, what is the news from your PR and who is interested in this news. They are the first ones that will spread your information through media channels or the Internet, on their blog or on Facebook. Your PR should be posted, for a better exposure, on your company site as well, or on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. This way, your consumers will find out about your product even if they don’t watch TV or listen to a radio.

Your PR will be more attractive if you will include videos or photos. These contents are among the most consumed media on search engines. Business Wire U.S. says that PR’s with multimedia are 5 times more attractive that the usual ones because they help tell the story better than words can.

As you can see, a press release could do you good or wrong. If you don’t have experience in this area, we offer professional press release services for our customers. Let us help you improve your business through press release submissions.

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