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How to use Adwords data for SEO

How to use Adwords data for SEO

How to use Adwords data for SEO

AdWords can teach us a lot about better SEO. These Google Ads clue and direct us to better identify the high click-through rates and what paid ads performs optimally. Let’s face it, often, paid ads are your quicker ways to accomplish your goals as opposed to waiting on Google to bring up your well-thought tags or backlinks and finally point users to your product or service site.

Poor keywords and phrases.

With AdWords, you can get insight into those negative words and phrases you don’t want your site to be identified with. Clearly, you wouldn’t want to come up on searches that are irrelevant to your business. Look for and deal with poor word associations that show up in reports and collective data. On the opposite side of the coin, focus on search phrases and keywords you want your industry to show up for. Better yet, learn these popular word associations and try creating content for them so you can get better searches for your product or service.

Again, see what changes you need to make in the way that you present information. The goal is to accurately present your business online and you need to make sure your web content is not saying otherwise.

Tags and snippet tweaks.

Stay relevant and improve click-through rates and ranks by tweaking your title tags with their meta descriptions. The Google Search Console can cue you in on tags and snippets that have low to zero clicks and ranks. Edit, modify, or even create new ones. Test through AdWords campaigns. Observe results then keep what’s working and replace what’s not.

The goal is to be creative and attractive with your titles and meta descriptions so that people would want to click on your links and make a visit. You need to create a unique and appealing persona for your brand and tags and metas help you do that. The good thing about tools like Ad campaigns is that you are able to test these out and eventually find what will connect with the public.

Indeed, tweaks can quickly turn things around for the worse or for the better. So evaluate present conditions properly, gather info, then make intelligent decisions on what to maintain and what to tweak.

Remember to consider the conversion rate which represents the percentage or success rate which your website visitors complete a transaction with you. If your industry is into selling a product or service, then you just don’t want click-throughs and visits, you want a sealed deal. Keep this in mind as you word your titles and descriptions. Aim to bring in your intended audience.

Word matching.

With AdWords, you get access to a collection of keywords and word combinations that people use to search for products and services. Go through the list to get ideas on how you can better combine words you can use so that your site gets crawled and gets your targeted audience in. For instance, the keyword “exercises” is quite general. A multitude of competitor sites will naturally come up. But when you match specific words in quotes like “back exercises”. Then if someone wants to find back exercises, your site and page have better chances of coming up and being clicked on. You can further expand your useful word combinations and use them to be more keyword and target specific.

These 3 mentioned are just a few of the things SEO can be made better with AdWords. So why not familiarize yourself with it? Discover what you can do and shouldn’t do. Find out what works. Create test formulas. Put your creativity to work and test your findings via campaigns. Then make intelligent decisions from what you discover to improve user visits, conversion rates, and more.

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