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How to Index Your Website or New Page Within Minutes

How to index your website or page within minutes

After creating a new site or a new page on our website we always went to make sure our website or web page gets discovered by search engines. In order for search engines to discover your website or a new website page we have to make sure your website or a page gets indexed. There are many ways that you can get your website indexed, for example, you can submit sitemaps, you can do it through link building, you can use one of those “submit your website to 1000’s of search engines” services (that don’t really work by the way) and many other methods. However, most of those methods will take a minimum 2-3 days to get your site indexed. So, how can you index the website within few minutes? The answer is simple. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to achieve it.

1st thing you have to do is add your website to Google Webmaster Tools and verify it.
Once you have your website added to Google Webmaster Tools click on “manage property” next to your website.
Once you are in “manage property” console click on the “Crawl” and then “Fetch as Google”:

Once in the “Fetch as Google” menu enter your new page URL or leave it blank if you trying to index your homepage and click “Fetch”:

Once you click “Fetch” you’ll see the url will appear below with the button next to it that reads “Submit to Index”:

All you have to do is click “Submit to index” and in the next menu select:
Crawl only this URL
Crawl this URL and its direct links
You can select either one based on your personal preference. If you want Google bot to crawl every link that you have on that page select “Crawl this URL and its direct links”. If you just want to index the page then select “Crawl only this URL”.

Viola, your website or page will be indexed within few minutes.

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