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How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

How Long Does It Take to Rank on Google?

We commonly get asked how much time it takes to rank faster in Google result pages and enhance your position on Google result pages. It’s an understandable question because you’re putting all this work into your website, investing your energy, resources, and money because you want to rank high. It makes sense that you want to know when you’re going to start seeing the benefits. However, answering this question is complex. The Google algorithm is a complicated machine. Nonetheless, we have gathered all the information we have available and put it into this article to provide and offer some essential facts to understand, better, what it takes to get to the top of Google search result pages.

How Long Does SEO Take to Rank?

Many ranking factors play a role in how you ultimately rank in search result pages. The majority of SEO firms are likely to state that it takes 6-8 months to rank. This is generally accurate, especially when incorporating link building. However, you should keep in mind that these searching engine optimization benefits tend to grow as time passes. Not to mention, a study done by Ahrefs found that it could up to three years to start seeing real benefits. Whatever results you’re getting after six months are going to be a significantly less than the returns you receive at 12 months. Thus, it’s understandable why searching engine optimization is considered an investment.

How Long Does it Take to Get Traffic from Google?

This is entirely dependent on the type of ranking methods you’re using. When investing in Google Adwords and other paid forms of ranking on Google, you can expect to gain leads to your website relatively quickly. This type of marketing is well-liked for its quick returns. However, this isn’t lasting as your competition can easily outbid you in your paid marketing campaign.

Nonetheless, that’s where organic search engine optimization comes into play. Organically attracting leads from Google can be challenging and is a much longer process than paid campaigns. However, it’s a worthwhile investment that reaps many benefits. The right keywords have the ability to easily build trust and work your way into Google Top 10. You should never forget the importance of these keywords when it comes to optimizing your content and enhancing your overall ranked position on Google.

Various factors play a role in the time it takes to gain leads from Google and rank higher in searches. This include:

  • Website design
  • Domain age and domain rating
  • Baseline traffic
  • Geographical location
  • Meta description
  • Target market
  • Competition
  • Backlinks

How Can I Improve My Rank in Google Results Faster?

There are many different methods that you can implement to improve your ranks in Google result pages quicker. Such methods include things like domain rating. However, it doesn’t stop there.

One of the first things you can do is improve your website’s user experience. Some of the ranking factors that help your rankings in Google result pages quicker are website visits, pages per session, the minutes spent on the website, and the bounce rate.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in the Google algorithm is writing excellent content optimized especially for SEO. Incorporating high-quality content on your website is one of the best methods of increasing your leads and improving your search rankings. Gaining backlinks for SEO is another incredible way to improve your rankings. Other methods that work to improve your ranked position are:

  • Optimizing for local search with the use of effective keywords and Google Maps Marketing
  • Optimizing local SEO
  • Using H1 and H2 header tags
  • Optimizing your images
  • Enhancing your page speed
  • Fixing broken links

The Bottom Line

There are many factors that could influence your rankings on Google. SEO results won’t come overnight and it takes steady work and patience to achieve first page results on Google. With proper SEO campaign you should be able to see ranking improvements within the first 60 days.

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