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Custom Built vs Template Website - Which one is better?

Custom Built vs Template Website – Which one is better?

Custom Built vs Template Website - Which one is better?

The digital age has commenced, and that means that businesses are jumping to online spaces more commonly than brick and mortar stores and with good reason! Overhead, inventory, labor, and other business costs add up quickly, but less so if the business is operating solely online.

Online, you can operate a business for as little as the monthly costs of running a website. Of course, plain websites are great for simplicity, but the design of a website really makes or breaks a brand. Having a customized, unique, and tailorable website makes it even more attractive in a branding sense.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the pros and cons of custom and template websites. We’ll give you all the details so you can make an educated decision when it comes to building your online business.

What is the difference between custom and template websites?

Template websites are web pages that are premade with a core framework and elements that can be easily but marginally customized. A custom website is a website created from scratch. It is created for a specific business and a specific function (generally). It requires a skilled team like CT web design to build.

What are the pros and cons of a template website?

The pros of template websites include the ease of set-up, the low up-front costs, and the speed of development. Templates are easy to grab and go – they don’t require any coding. They’re easier for small businesses to set up quickly and budget-friendly.

The cons of using a template for your website include limited customization, difficulty using plugins, and a broken user experience across devices and browsers. It’s possible that developers could neglect to update the coding of templates. Templates can also make it difficult to stand apart from competitors. They can be harmful to SEO which could be detrimental to your organic rankings and natural traffic.

What are the pros and cons of a custom website?

The pros of using a customized website include a unique, memorable, and seamless user experience. It may also increase natural traffic due to search engine optimization built into the site. Integrations and plugins may also be easier to implement into a website specifically coded to accept them.

The cons of building a customized website are that they’re going to cost more, they’re going to take longer to build, they’ll likely require more regular maintenance, and you’ll either have to learn or hire coding skills. It’s possible that you may need a team of individuals to build and maintain a custom website.

Which website should I choose for my business?

Identifying the goal of your website, your budget, and the user experience will all help you to determine which option you want to choose. Templates are great to start with, especially if you need something quick and easy, but customization goes a long way in terms of memorability and professionalism.

Why should I choose a template for my website?

If your website is simple and to the point, a template may be perfect for you. A template website can be easy to set up, easy to upkeep, and easy to implement. If you’re looking to get set up quickly, a template will work wonderfully. A templated website could mean getting your business up on its feet quicker.

Why should I choose a custom website?

Choosing a custom website could be a better fit for your business if you have a bigger budget, the need for specific features or functions, or a professional and memorable website. A customized website can mean standing out among the crowd.

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