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Link Wheels & Pyramids

Link Wheels and Link Pyramids are link building schemes that include not only 1, but often 2 or more layers of backlinks. The idea of only having quality backlinks pointing to your main site still exists. However with such techniques we are able to make those backlinks be of a higher quality and create quality links from scratch. The great thing about these link building systems is that they almost always use link diversity as one of their main features. This means you can expect your links to come from article marketing, social bookmarks, forum posts, blog posts, blog comments and even web 2.0 properties. The way the link juice is then passed down or around the system just adds even more value and boosts your authority by even more.

The Link Pyramid

A link pyramid looks and works exactly like a normal pyramid. A large number of links sit at the bottom (the largest part of the pyramid) and as the layers go up they get smaller until you hit that top point, which in our case is your money or authority website. An example of link pyramid would be:
  • At the top: Your website
  • Tier 1: High quality, unique web 2.0 properties
  • Tier 2: Article Directories + Social Bookmarks pointing to tier 1
  • Tier 3: Thousands of blog comments and forum profiles pointing to tier 2 links
As you can see from the above example each tier points to the one above it, this is how the system passes the link juice up the pyramid. Some people have found that tier 1 web 2.0 properties can reach a PR of 3+ through link pyramids due to the other links backing it up.

The Link Wheel

Link wheels are slightly more complicated than the average link pyramid and this is mainly because every tier links to the others and to each other. The outcome is even more link juice between links plus interlinking between tiers to make content seem more relevant. This does leave a slightly larger foot print but if done correctly is very advantageous. An example of a wheel would be:
  1. Your Website
  2. Web 2.0s, Edu and Gov links(interlinked and pointing towards your money site)
  3. Articles, Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0s, Forum Profiles and Blog Comments
  4. Blog Comment, Forum Profiles, Social Bookmarks and more Article Directory links
The above would all link between each other to create what might look like a spider’s web. The link juice is passed around between all levels in different directions before finally going on to your website adding plenty of authority. If you are serious about ranking you website and reaching the top of the SERPs then link pyramids or link wheels are they way to go. Most people implement link pyramids right at the start of their search engine optimization campaign to ensure authority for their website. By using a good quality service such as our own you avoid cheap and low quality link wheels that are sold elsewhere on the web. Continue Reading
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