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SEO Link Building Packages – What do they do and why do you need them?

Backlinks are considered the foundation of search engine optimization and for most people they remain to be the most important aspect of an internet marketing campaign. There is a huge variety of link building services and this can easily make it hard to understand exactly why and how they have an effect on search engine rankings.

Before we look into different types of link building packages and why you need them all together, we are going to look at a real world scenario to help you understand exactly why seo link building service is building process

How do SEO link building services work?

Backlinks are used by search engines to judge a website based on its reputation, or in simple terms how many people refer to the website. Search engines see a backlink as someone recommending or referring to your website in a positive way, this why they have a positive effect on your websites search rankings for targeted keywords. Of course if it was as simple as that anyone could spam their link all over the web; and a lot of people tried. This has caused search engines such as Google to enforce algorithms that can detect malicious link building techniques. Now it’s time to look at the various types of backlinks offered by link building agencies and discover which ones work, and which ones are just a thing of the past.

Web2.0 Backlinks

Web2.0 backlinks are one of the most popular types of backlinks to this date. They are very easy to make yourself however there are service providers who will create 50+ web2.0 properties with unique content for a reasonable price. To create web2.0 backlinks you first need to sign up to a web2.0 property site, the most popular sites are WordPress and Blogger. All you have to do once you have created a blog is post some content with contextual anchor text backlinks going to your website. You can use your keywords as anchor text to get even more value from the link.

Guest posts / Outreach Link Building

Guest posts are similar to web2.0 properties. You have to write very good and strong content before contacting the owner of a niche related website. Most of the time if the content is worthy the web master will allow it to be posted on his high PR website with one way links to your page. Outreach link building refers to manually reaching out to webmasters / owners of the websites where you’d like to acquire the link from.

Edu and Gov backlinks

EDU and GOV domains are considered to be high authority by Google and other search engine algorithms. These are the hardest types of backlink to get on your own. Fortunately there are people out there who specialise in offering such links.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is very much like bookmarking a page in your web browser; however instead of saving it to your browser you save it to the web. SERPS see this as someone sharing the website with the rest of the world which is why it can have such a good effect on your search rankings. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are often used as part of an effective social bookmarking strategy.

Article Directory Submissions and Contextual Backlinks

Article Directories are by many referred to as “content farms”. This literally means it is just a website filled with thousands upon thousands of articles. The good thing about these articles is they can be extremely relevant to the niche and keywords you are targeting, plus they can create backlinks to your website.

Blog Comments

Blog comments are quite self explanatory on their own; they are simply comments on other peoples blogs that link back to your website (usually with relevant anchor text to add keyword value). They can be very effective for SEO but you have to create quality contextual backlinks on low OBL blogs for them to have a massive effect. Unfortunately the are millions of programs that were developed to spam auto approve blogs which resulted in penalties that are now enforced. However in a link pyramid or link wheel they can be effective.

Forum Profiles

Like blog comments, forum profiles are very easy to understand. All you have to do is find a forum that allows links in the profile and make a link back to your website. They are not very effective, but very good for link diversity.

Local Directories / Citations

Local directories and citations are a great way to get your website listed within online directories. It is also one of the oldest link building strategies in use today. They are great for boosting your local presence and local rankings.

Link Wheels and Link Pyramids

Link Wheels and Link Pyramids are all about gaining backlinks diversity so that your site looks natural to the SERPS. They work in very similar ways however a link pyramid simply points one tier to the next, where as in a link wheel the tiers also interlink with each other. This can leave a larger footprint and is not really used as much anymore.

A link pyramid simply works to pass link juice down a multi-tier system, of which your money site is the highest point. For example: Forum Profiles & Blog Comments > Point to > Article directories & Wikis > Point to > Edu, Gov and Web2.0 > Point to > Your site As you can see in the above example, the website you are trying to rank only has quality educational, government and web2.0 property backlinks pointing to it. These can be in the X amount as long as they continue to be of high quality. Tier 2 will hold several thousand article backlinks along with some wiki based backlinks. These are often automated and not only help to get your Edu, Gov and Web2.0’s indexed, but also pass link juice and authority down the link pyramid.

Finally on our third tier we have massive amounts of forum profiles and blog comments which will point to our article directory submissions and Wikis. This works the same as Tier 2 but the link juice passed onto the tier 2 links.

How Long Does Link Building Take To Influence Rankings?

On average it takes about two to four weeks to start seeing ranking improvements after the backlinks have been indexed.

Choose our professional link building packages

As the Google Algorithm changes it seems that more and more people are trying to find a link building company that can help their website to be recognized as an authority site in the eyes of the search engines. Effective link building services are not an easy task, because of the constant changes and high prices, this is why we encourage you to take advantage of our affordable link building services that provide only quality link building packages to add amazing value to your website. Continue Reading

Link Wheels & Pyramids

Link Wheels and Link Pyramids are link building schemes that include not only 1, but often 2 or more layers of backlinks. The idea of only having quality backlinks pointing to your main site still exists. However with such techniques we are able to make those backlinks be of a higher quality and create quality links from scratch. The great thing about these link building systems is that they almost always use link diversity as one of their main features. This means you can expect your links to come from article marketing, social bookmarks, forum posts, blog posts, blog comments and even web 2.0 properties. The way the link juice is then passed down or around the system just adds even more value and boosts your authority by even more.

The Link Pyramid

A link pyramid looks and works exactly like a normal pyramid. A large number of links sit at the bottom (the largest part of the pyramid) and as the layers go up they get smaller until you hit that top point, which in our case is your money or authority website. An example of link pyramid would be:
  • At the top: Your website
  • Tier 1: High quality, unique web 2.0 properties
  • Tier 2: Article Directories + Social Bookmarks pointing to tier 1
  • Tier 3: Thousands of blog comments and forum profiles pointing to tier 2 links
As you can see from the above example each tier points to the one above it, this is how the system passes the link juice up the pyramid. Some people have found that tier 1 web 2.0 properties can reach a PR of 3+ through link pyramids due to the other links backing it up.

The Link Wheel

Link wheels are slightly more complicated than the average link pyramid and this is mainly because every tier links to the others and to each other. The outcome is even more link juice between links plus interlinking between tiers to make content seem more relevant. This does leave a slightly larger foot print but if done correctly is very advantageous. An example of a wheel would be:
  1. Your Website
  2. Web 2.0s, Edu and Gov links(interlinked and pointing towards your money site)
  3. Articles, Social Bookmarks, Web 2.0s, Forum Profiles and Blog Comments
  4. Blog Comment, Forum Profiles, Social Bookmarks and more Article Directory links
The above would all link between each other to create what might look like a spider’s web. The link juice is passed around between all levels in different directions before finally going on to your website adding plenty of authority. If you are serious about ranking you website and reaching the top of the SERPs then link pyramids or link wheels are they way to go. Most people implement link pyramids right at the start of their search engine optimization campaign to ensure authority for their website. By using a good quality service such as our own you avoid cheap and low quality link wheels that are sold elsewhere on the web. Continue Reading
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