Edu & Gov Backlinks

.Edu and .Gov backlinks can help add authority to your website or what some people call a “trust rank”. Edu and Gov refer to the domain extensions of the websites that point back to your website. If you are not already aware, .edu domains are only available to those who are registered as an academic or education institutes and the .gov extension is only available to government based operations.

The reasons these backlinks are so treasured are because Google rely on these websites to offer quality content with only quality referencing. For example when we look at academic research papers in today’s academic world it is very common for professors to only accept the Harvard style referencing. This particular style allows them to see the references that have been used with ease and helps them make a decision on the quality of the content. Google uses a similar sort of algorithm by giving what people often call a trust rank. You can achieve a higher trust rank by having trusted and highly regarded websites such as government and academic learning websites linking back to your own site.

These types of backlinks are hard to get

The above statement is no more than true. You can search the internet for hours and even use expensive automation tools to try and find edu and gov websites that allow you to post links for free or with no hassle; however you will probably wont find any. Plus if you do find an auto approve site it is likely to get spammed and shut down in no time at all.

Fortunately for you, we have already established great connections with some website owners; which is why we are now able to offer you quality .edu and .gov backlinks at an outstanding price.

Of course when using websites of this nature it is essential that the content you provide is of the highest quality. Remember educational websites are created to offer value and knowledge to its readers as they are referred to for learning purposes. So the content must be very strong and in some websites only certain niches are accepted. With that said it always good to remember that these are one of the most powerful types of backlinks around and they are well worth the investment.

What to look out for when buying .edu and .gov backlinks

There has been some controversy when people have tried to save money when buying edu and gov backlinks. Service providers have been found to be selling .edu.com links or .edu.org for example which have no other advantage than a standard .org or .com backlink.

We ensure that all of our edu and gov backlinks are exactly what they say they are so that you can get the best search boost possible.