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How social signals effect your rankings?

You already know that SEO (search engine optimization) refers to a process that aims to affect the visibility of a website among the search results offered by a search engine, through the relevance of the search terms and other strategies, not as an effect of pay per click advertising. The search results that are not related to advertisements are known as organic search results. Lately, social signals have started to play important part in Google’s algorithm . Social signals that come from social networks have different importance to different search engines. Understanding how these signals are used is important in  search engine optimization. Continue Reading

SEO vs PPC. – A Few Basic Things You Should Know In Order To Increase Your Website Traffic

There’s a lot of debate going on in the world of Internet marketing about SEO vs PPC, and while they are both great strategies to increase website visibility, there is still one question that seems to be preoccupying webmasters: which of the two is actually more efficient? For starters, we need to explain the two terms, so everyone can have a clear idea what they are actually referring to.

What does PPC stand for?

PPC is an abbreviation from the term “Pay per click”. The concept is easy to understand and is one of the best known Internet advertising models, which is used to direct traffic to a website through an ad. When these ads are clicked, the user is directed to the specified website. The advertiser pays the owner of the website that publishes their ad, a fixed price for each click. Websites that use this advertising model will display an ad that corresponds to the keyword search or the content of the accessed page. Continue Reading

Google Disavow Links Tool – Remove Low Quality Links in an Instant

The new power-tool launched by Google brings improvements to the SEO process

The much anticipated and long-expected Google disavow links tool was launched last week by Matt Cutts, at the PubCon in Las Vegas. While this new tool comes with a “only to be used with caution” warning, it will come very handy to people doing search engine optimization, since it makes removing low quality links so much easier.

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Main Aspects to Consider When You Buy Backlinks for Your Websites or How to Survive the Recent Google Updates

There is no doubt that the latest Panda and Penguin updates messed up everything you thought you knew about search engine optimization and got you to the point where you would gladly buy backlinks, but you just do not know what to ask for. As you already know, as the main tools in any websites’ SEO, backlinks are considered indicators of a website’s popularity. However, if, until recently, bombing your website with backlinks from any niche and from any websites was enough, the accent falling more on quantity and less on quality, things have changed. Continue Reading

Purchasing backlinks directly from website owners

There are a few rules to follow when purchasing backlinks, which will assure the success of your website. First of all and most importantly, you should never buy backlinks on an irrelevant website because nobody will click on these links so they will be useless. You shouldn’t restrict yourself to only buying .gov or .edu links; there are many other high-authority or high page-rank websites out there. Never buy backlinks on websites where your competitors have listed theirs because it is unethical and since the other links have been there before yours, visitors will avoid clicking the link to your website. Only purchase backlinks from websites that are very popular and have high traffic; also try to get backlinks listed for as long as possible.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t build or purchase too many backlinks in a short period of time, because otherwise search-engines might label your website as spam and you will not appear in the search result list at all. Before you buy backlinks on any website, you need to determine how important that specific website is to your niche, how much traffic it generates and of course, what ranking it has on search engines, to make sure it is a good investment which will mean more visitors and therefore more profit for your business!

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