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Chicago SEO

The world revolves around the web. Don’t believe it? There’s proof in everyone’s pockets. The popularity of smart phones, the fact that we can’t live or function without laptop computers, and our tendency to shock when we can’t find something we’re looking for somewhere in the jungle of the web all testify to our dependence on the Internet. The fact of the matter is, if you want to be a powerful, successful organization, you need a web presence – period. This is where search engine optimization, or Chicago SEO, comes in handy.

Chicago SEO internet marketing

Chicago SEO Services

The first thing you need to do when undertaking the task of setting up a successful website is to consider your location. This will allow you to better determine the preferences and habits of your audience. If you’re in the Chicago area, our Chicago SEO services should be a good fit for you, since we have a good idea as to what makes things work here. Remember, localizing your content and website is one of the most important things you can do if you focus on catering to a local clientele, and this is something we can help you with.

The big question is: What is SEO? The basic answer is that SEO is a process that gets your website to appear in more prominent positions when someone runs a web search for something pertinent to what you do. An optimized website on, say, organic recipes might come up when someone searches “healthy eating”, for instance. This shows that you can rank very highly even if you don’t use the search terms directly on your site – this is why SEO is so important, and can get so complex.

How does Chicago SEO Work?

It’s good to know how our Chicago SEO and internet marketing service accomplishes its ends so you can get a glimpse into the complexity of the process. The most basic tactics used to improve search engine rankings are to tailor content such that it contains a high density of terms people will be searching for when trying to find things related to what you sell or do. Involved in this process is the use of LSIs, or long tail keywords. These are longer, more general terms that help search engines rank you based on stuff related to what you write about, not exclusively on how many times a particular key term pops up on your website. Distributing these keywords strategically is a complex and sometimes difficult process that our Chicago SEO company can execute on your behalf.

Another important aspect of search engine optimization Chicago is the use of geo-targeting and localization algorithms. Basically, these are tools that help rank your site more highly on the search results pages of people who are geographically close to you. In other words, if you run a bakery on the West Side of Chicago and you use geo-targeting tactics, people who search for pastries in the general area will see you ranked much more highly than people who search for the same thing while living in, say, Milwaukee.

Is It Necessary?

Many people forgo Chicago SEO because they think it’s a waste of money, or because they think they can get by without a search engine optimized website. While you can, in theory, get by without it, it’s difficult, and in fact, far more cost effective to invest in SEO than not. This is because the gains of ranking highly in search engines far outweigh just about any costs in time or money related to getting the optimization done.

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